Flixel Rolls-Out Cinemagraph Screensaver for Mac

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Happy Holidays

Apple named Cinemagraph Pro for Mac a Best of 2014 so
we’re in a gift-giving mood. It has been a great year for Flixel; we’ve made a lot of progress and have been awarded for all of our hard work. Thank you all for making this year a great one – we couldn’t have done it without you. 

Flixel Cinemagraph Screen Saver

As a present to our Flixel community and as a celebration of all the amazing cinemagraphs being created, our team just took the wraps off a cool new Mac screen saver.  Everyday it will feature one of the beautiful cinemagraphs uploaded to Flixel.com. Keep up the great work!

Flixel Cinemagraph Screen Saver for Mac

We hope you like it. Feel free to share it with your friends and family; the more the merrier.

Click here to download.

Wedding Cinemagraphs Give Photographers New Revenues

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The wedding industry is big business. Really big business. In the US alone couples will spend almost $55 billion this year with the average wedding budget coming in at $28,000.

Clearly, couples want their big day to be perfect and they’re willing to spend. A big part of that includes hiring the best wedding photographer. With the US wedding service industry expected to grow by 2.3 % in the next five years, by 2018 wedding photographers in the US are expected to rake in almost  $10.5 billion in revenue.  As an unregulated and highly competitive industry, wedding photographers need to find unique ways to differentiate themselves. For many, offering cinemagraphs as part of their wedding packages has made all the difference.

Cinemagraph by, Salvatore Cincotta

Adding Cinemagraphs to Wedding Packages

There is something so beautiful  about wedding cinemagraphs. Weddings last a day or two at most, but memories last a lifetime. It’s those special moments – like when a veil is swaying softly in the wind, or when the couple finally kisses and the world seems to stand still – that every couple wants to relive. Video captures the whole scene. Photography captures a glimpse of a scene. Cinemagraphs capture subtle moments while highlighting only parts of the scene, therefore telling a unique story.

Many of our Flixogaphers are in fact, wedding photographers and videographers. With their talent and our software, they have produced stunning cinemagraphs.

Cinemagraph by, Whole Picture

2014 Wedding Trends

Below are a few popular wedding trends from this year that can be enhanced even further with the use of cinemagraphs.

“The First Look”: traditionally, the groom sees the bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle. A trend that became popular this year is having an intimate “first look” moment BEFORE the actual ceremony. This (semi) private moment is then captured by photographers and videographers, allowing the couple to really appreciate the moment without being rushed or interrupted by more activity. Now, Imagine this special moment captured in a cinemagraph. Simply beautiful.

Photo booths: who doesn’t love photo booths? Props, silly faces, fun poses – photo booths are a playful way to remember the night. For a modern take on this classic, use cinemagraphs to bring these photos to life.

Story-Telling: this form of portrait photography uses themes and props to tell a story. Often, this type of photoshoot has an ethereal feeling, much like a fairytale. Flower crowns, old cars, grassy fields; the possibilities are endless. Combine the art of living photos, and it becomes a truly magical scene.

Creating a Wedding Cinemagraph by, James Schmeltzer

This cinemagraph created by James Schmeltzer, can be recreated in just a few quick steps. To see how James set up, captured, and edited this wedding masterpiece, see the video below.

With wedding videography and photography increasing exponentially, use cinemagraphs to grasp, grow and mesmerize your clientele.

Great New Updates To All Flixel Cinemagraph Apps

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Cinemagraph Pro for Mac, iPhone and iPad now support Adobe Creative Cloud

We are thrilled to announce the release of Cinemagraph Pro 1.5 and Cinemagraph+  1.5 for Mac, along with Cinemagraph Pro 3.0 for iPhone and iPad.

Intuitive, polished and an all new design. Everyone here at Flixel has been busy working away in preparation for this release, and we’ve packed in some really great features.

iOS and Mac OS devices are becoming more and more interconnected, making them easy to use in conjunction with each other. We care about user experience, thus we’ve implemented many features from OS X Yosemite into these new app versions.

For technical information on the new features we’ve been working so hard on, see the detailed lists below.

What’s New

Cinemagraph Pro and Cinemagraph+ for Mac

  • All new design inspired by OS X Yosemite
  • Adobe Creative Cloud support
    • Easily export and import videos and still frames using your Creative Cloud account.
  • Adobe Ink (and related stylus pen) support
    • Using your finger is fun and easy, but, if you want to advance your editing game, we now offer stylus pen support.
  • Instantly switch between iPad, Mac and iPhone with Handoff
    • Handoff allows you to seamlessly pass files between the Mac, iPad and iPhone, making it effortless to edit your cinemagraphs on one device and pick up where you left off on another.
  • Support for iCloud Drive
    • Use iCloud? Now you can import and export your cinemagraph files to the cloud without taking up space on your Macbook.
  • Optimize your document’s embedded movie for iOS
    • Cinemagraphs now look even better when viewed on your iOS device
  • Uploads can now be set to Public, Shareable or Private
    • While uploading to flixel.com, you can choose whether you want your post to be seen by anyone (Public), only those with the link (Shareable), or only yourself while logged in to your Flixel account (Private).
  • Record video directly into Cinemagraph Pro from an attached camera (Yosemite only)
    • Combine your filming and editing process with this new feature which allows users to record directly from a camera into Cinemagraph on your Mac.
  • New getting started video
    • For some helpful tips on how to properly stage, record and edit your cinemagraph, we now offer a short tutorial video.

Cinemagraph Pro 3.0 for iPhone and iPad

Cinemagraph Pro, iPhone Demo Video

  • Beautiful iOS 8 UI enhancements
    • UI matters to us here at Flixel.  We’ve made many enhancements to make your cinemagraph creation and viewing experience a great one.
  • Support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus
    • If you’re lucky enough to own one of the new 6 or 6 plus iPhones, our app is now compatible with your device.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud support
    • Easily export and import videos and still frames using your Creative Cloud account.
  • iCloud Drive document storage
    • Not enough space on your iPhone or iPad? Want to access your cinemagraph files on all of your iOS and Mac devices? Easily upload your files from Cinemagraph Pro to your iCloud account, saving yourself some well needed storage space and time.
  • Continuity to iOS and Mac
    • Switching between iOS and Mac devices has just been made easy- seamlessly move between your iPhone, iPad and Mac while using Cinemagraph Pro.
  • Improved Export: repetitions, share, and save
    • Easily save your flixel and control the amount of repetitions when exporting to a movie file. You can also share your creations to your Facebook and Twitter account when uploading your cinemagraph to flixel.com.
  • Import videos with iOS 8 document picker
    • With this app extension, you can directly upload and download your documents from other compatible apps.
  • Import and Export the still frame
    • Initially only a feature for the Mac, you can now import and export still frames to make any touch ups, edits or changes.

Apple Names Flixel Cinemagraph Pro Best of 2014

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Flixel Cinemagraph Pro Named Best of 2014 App

So, Apple Just Named Flixel Cinemagraph Pro Best of 2014!

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

It’s hard to put in words just how excited we are (so we’ll let that flixel do it for us.) It’s been a truly amazing year that started with Apple selecting Cinemagraph Pro for an Apple Design Award and now Apple just named us a Best of 2014 app.

Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for Mac

Along the way our digital marketing friends here in Canada named us Digital Company of the Year at the Digi Awards and the startup community in Canada named us a CIX Top 20 Company.

We’re truly humbled and inspired to work even harder to bring the magic of cinemagraphs to every photographer, videographer and digital marketer we can. We love seeing what you create with our apps and our team takes time every single day to marvel at the cinemagraphs you upload to our site.

Lately, we’ve been putting in long days and nights adding features, polishing the user experience and preparing to roll-out new versions for Mac, iPhone and iPad. Watch for them very soon in the App Store.

It’s our sincere hope that you come to love making cinemagraphs as much as we do.

So, thank you to Apple for your continued support and recognition of Flixel. And more importantly, thank you to the thousands of new Flixographers. You’ve pushed us to do what we love – create the world’s best and easiest cinemagraph creation tool for Mac, iPhone and iPad.

The Flixel Team.