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Q&A with Hanna Turi on Her Cinemagraph Music Video "Heavy Heart"

May 29, 2016 by Mehek Seyid


More and more we are seeing members of our community embrace cinemagraphs as a storytelling medium. It's exciting to see their living photos executed with a larger idea and narrative and used in place of traditional mediums.

Swedish singer-songwriter Hanna Turi took this challenge to task for her new single "Heavy Heart", creating a music video to accompany the song that uses cinemagraphs. We are thrilled that we got to connect with Hanna to not only find out more about her shoot and music, but to also premiere her cinemagraph music video for "Heavy Heart" exclusively on the blog today.

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Artist Spotlight: Mario Sahe-Lacheante

May 20, 2016 by Mehek Seyid

Members of the Flixel community are always excited to enrich each others lives with news on this evolving medium and tips on how to enhance their creative processes. 

Take Mario Sahe-Lacheante, a London-based Flixel wizard and the second place winner in our recent Facebook Profile Video contest. Mario regularly provides feedback on different cinemagraph creations, shares his knowledge base and goes above and beyond by creating tutorials to assist all types of cinemagraphphiles. 

We interviewed Mario to understand the creator behind such incredible efforts. Read on to learn more about Mario's photography background, how cinemagraphs have become a part of his portfolio and the importance of community in the creative field. 

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Flixel Partnered with Mashable and British Airways for #BAinSanJose

May 16, 2016 by Cassandra King
Photo from Mashable

Flixel partnered with Mashable and British Airways to celebrate their new route that connects San Jose and London–two major tech hubs. 

On May 5, Flixel joined hundreds of others from Silicon Valley at downtown San Jose's Glasshouse. There was food, drinks, a flight Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner simulater, virtual reality headsets, and of course, a Flixel cinemagraph booth. Flixel Studios created personal cinemagraphs for party-goers, giving the Silicon Valley crowd a bird's eye view of London. See some of the living photos below!

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Facebook Profile Video Contest: And the Winners Are...

May 16, 2016 by Mehek Seyid

When Facebook announced that Flixel was a part of their Profile Expression Kit, we wanted to get our community involved in the action immediately. We hosted a contest asking users to shoot their own personalized profile cinemagraphs and share them on our Facebook page.

It was difficult to pick the best out of a set of submissions that really showcased the excitement and thoughtfulness that goes into a personalized profile video, so we enlisted the help of celebrity photographer Michael Grecco and previous contest winner, Rocky Montez Carr, to help us make the decision. 

And the winners of the Facebook Profile Video contest are...

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Flixel at the Discoverability Summit

May 12, 2016 by Aaron Paul


Differentiating yourself is becoming an increasingly larger challenge for creators, marketers and businesses that are active in a content-saturated digital space. We are big fans of finding ways to stand out in a crowd; in fact, it’s what we do.

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