Why You Should Always Upload Your Cinemagraphs To Flixel.com

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We love cinemagraphs. It’s why we spent the last 3 years building the world’s easiest cinemagraph creation apps. While we’ve come a long way, we’re constantly looking for ways to improve our software and services so that photographers, videographers and digital marketers can be even more creative with their cinemagraph projects. Nothing makes us happier than to read comments from our community about cinemagraphs that used to take hours or days in complex photo-editing or special effects programs — now only taking minutes in Cinemagraph Pro.

While some Cinemagraph Pro users immediately export their work, many of our artists also upload their images to Flixel Cloud — our cinemagraph hosting and streaming service. Think of it as combination of YouTube for HD cinemagraphs and your own online cinemagraph portfolio. As an example, check out 500+ cinemagraphs that our 2014 featured artist Alexandre Miguel has uploaded to his Flixel account.

Flixel Cinemagraph Pro

Sharing Cinemagraphs, Now as Easy as Creating Them

Once your cinemagraph is uploaded to your account, it’s super easy to share it on the web, on a WordPress blog (like this one), on Squarespace or pretty much anywhere. Every cinemagraph that’s uploaded to flixel.com has a unique embed code. Our embed code works just like a YouTube embed, but, it enables HD auto-loop and auto-play functions while making your cinemagraphs look fantastic on any device and in any browser.

Here’s how to embed a cinemagraph on a web site:

1. Go to the cinemagraph you want to embed on Flixel.com

2. In the bottom right corner click on “Embed”, and copy the code snippet.

3. Paste the iFrame code snippet into your web page editor. It’ll look something like this.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://media.flixel.com/cinemagraph/
ms7tvnpr2amdmuwxe483?hd=false" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

4. You’re done. That’s all there is to it.

Online Cinemagraph Portfolio & Curated Cinemagraph Galleries

You can also use your account on flixel.com as your very own cinemagraph portfolio. Just share the link to your account page and your clients and friends will be able to see your cinemagraphs in glorious HD quality on any device and in any browser. We also love to feature your cinemagraphs in our galleries which have thousands of page views each day.

Flixel Cinemagraph Galleries

Social Sharing

By uploading your cinemagraphs to your Flixel account, you also enable effective auto-loop and auto-play social sharing options for Twitter, Google+, Behance, & Tumblr. Behance is an integral part of the Adobe creative community and is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. Recently, Behance added support for the Flixel iFrame which mean you can post your cinemagraphs to Behance in full HD resolution, avoiding the need to degrade your work to a poor-quality GIF.

We love what you create so upload your images to flixel.com and share our love of cinemagraphs with the world.

5 Reasons to Use Cinemagraphs in Your Marketing Strategy

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1. Big Brands are Using Cinemagraphs

A&E, Lincoln Motor Company, Proactiv+, Panasonic, Travel Alberta, Kraft, America’s Next Top Model, Macy’s, Marilyn Monroe, IKEA have all used Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for digital ads and social media posts. Cinemagraphs have also been used by companies like Netflix (House of Cards), Disney, Prada, Coca Cola and Chanel, just to name few. As this list of acclaimed brands grows–and it will–do you want to be left behind, or would you rather keep ahead of the curve?

2. The World of Native Advertising is Here

With video now auto-looping & auto-playing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, and Vine,  social networks are perfect for sharing cinemagraphs at HD resolution with Flixel.

Read more.

Using Creative SDK with Cinemagraph Pro for iPhone and iPad

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Quick Tutorial

We are thrilled that our community of users can now leverage the many benefits that Adobe’s Creative SDK provides with Cinemagraph Pro for iPhone and iPad. Editing your still image is simple and effective!

1. Open up video file in Cinemagraph Pro for iPhone and iPad

2. Edit the still image

3. Export the video or upload finished product to Flixel.com

TIP: Anything you mask over will be erased. Add filters or tints in Cinemagraph Pro.

Introducing Flixel Pro Certification

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Calling all Advertisers, Marketers, Videographers, Photographers and most importantly, the Flixel Community… We are excited to introduce the new Flixel Cinemagraph Pro Certification program!

Flixel Photos Inc. is now offering a one-day intensive workshop in the heart of downtown Toronto, where you will learn how to create stunning content in a professional studio led by a cinemagraph expert. You will also gain valuable skills on how to cut through digital clutter and put your cinemagraphs in the spotlight on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, G+, Vine, Tumblr), websites, email and digital ads.


> Guided by experts, learn to light, capture and direct a cinemagraph shoot in a professional studio with both HD and 4K capable cameras

> How to import, edit and output your video with Flixel Cinemagraph Pro and Adobe Creative Suite

> An overview of Flixel tools and how to successfully integrate cinemagraphs as a new storytelling medium into digital strategies

> An understanding of the best practices for creating effective advertisements and increasing visual impact

> Tutorials on how to best utilize cinemagraphs for marketing, including detailed strategies for major social platforms, email marketing, digital signage and banner ads


> Hands on workshop

> Flixel Software

> Invaluable reference materials

> Lunch

> Official designation for use on your website and bio


Flixel Photos Inc is a recognized training vendor of the Ontario-Canada Job Grant program, which assists employers in obtaining workshop funding up to 83% of the total cost. That means, if there are under 50 employees in your company your employer will only pay $250 – which includes the $200 software, and a delicious lunch.


Launching May 2015

9:00 am – 4:30 pm | Fee: $1500 + hst | After Rebate: $250 – $500 + hst

We want you to join us and become recognized as official cinemagraph experts!

For more info or to register, please contact: Carlie@Flixel.com 416.206.1556

Featured Artist: Hendra Aditya Kurniawan 

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Hendra Aditya Kurniawan, Flixel cinemagraph creator.

Hendra Aditya Kurniawan is a talented father of two, living in Jakarta, Indonesia. Before he started his company, Hendra was working in the credit card and market research banking related fields. With his computer and business education, and love for photography and technology, he started running his own business,  EVANIA.co, which focuses on responsive web design, 360 photography and cinemagraphs. A smart business man, one of his targets for Evania in 2015 is to start selling stock cinemagraphs.

Discovering Flixel

An early adopter, always searching for the newest and coolest innovations in the photography and technology industry, Hendra was drawn to the art of living photos. He first discovered Flixel when watching America’s Next Top Model, season 20 in 2013. He would follow the cycle, mesmerized by the living photos being created. After researching and exploring the medium, he tried to create cinemagraphs in various photo, video and animation softwares. His attempts were unsuccessful, and the frustration began to set in. That’s when he purchased Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for Mac. With his talent, creativity and drive, Hendra quickly became one of the top cinemagraph creators in the Flixel community. Though his hard work and skills have leant him many benefits, Hendra gives some credit to our software, which he exclaims is, “user friendly and simple, but powerful.”

Read more.

7 Quick Tips for Creating Mesmerizing Cinemagraphs

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With Flixel Cinemagraph Pro, creating a cinemagraph is easy. The hardest part is conceptualizing your scene and shooting the desired footage. Follow these 7 steps and create mesmerizing cinemagraphs today.

1. Frame like a Photo

The key is to frame your scene like you would frame a photo. Since a cinemagraph is a photo with small elements moving in a loop, it is crucial that the captured video is shot with clear artistic direction. If you’re a videographer, you will be familiar with this style of framing. Each scene needs to tell a story. Capture the video, and through selected motion, tell the unique story.

By Jason Teale

2. Smooth Loop

Cinemagraphs are all about illusion. Think of it like a magic trick; if your loop is not smooth or seamless, then the illusion will be broken. To achieve this, play with minor adjustments in the trim/timeline, speed, crossfade and type of loop (bounce/repeat).

By Ixhumni

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