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Flixel Wins Top Prize at the International Startup Festival

July 21, 2016 by Cassandra King

We truly believe that cinemagraphs are the next great visual medium; that's why for the past four and a half years we have continuously worked to build the tools and community that will help us realize it. At this year's International Startup Festival, our vision and efforts were recognized when Flixel received the top prize during the four-day event. 

Flixel presented alongside 194 other startup companies from around the world to a panel of 14 investor-judges. The first round consisted of 90-second elevator pitches that allowed participants to introduce their brand and product. Without the assistance of formal visual aids, Flixel CEO Phillipe LeBlanc made his way to a group of fourteen finalists that were given a second opportunity to present. 

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Meet Our #MySummerThrowback Winner: Doğuş Bozkurt

July 14, 2016 by Mehek Seyid

The flow of inspiration in the Flixel community is multidirectional. As much as community members look to us for guidance, we love to see what drives your cinemagraph storytelling, and what we can do to help evoke those creative processes. We created the #MySummerThrowback contest with that very idea in mind, and were amazed by the amount of inspiration participants found by thinking deeply about something that is common to most of us around the world: summer.

For first place winner (as selected by Flixel Wizard Jon Kane), Doğuş Bozkurt, the #MySummerThrowback contest gave him the opportunity to execute an idea that he first imagined when he identified the depth of cinemagraph storytelling. “The sea possesses an eternal energy that is impossible to contain,” Doğuş explained. “From the first moment I started thinking on the potentialities of cinemagraphs, I had an idea of making a cinemagraph on the sea. This cinemagraph is an experiment where I tried to realize those ideas.”

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Six Tips to Transforming Your Cinemagraph Passion Into a Cinemagraph Business

July 11, 2016 by Mehek Seyid

Every time we hear someone tell us that cinemagraphs are a fad or a gimmick, we like to direct them to our growing community of creators, marketers and enthusiasts who are seeing higher performance in their marketing and turning a profit because of their living photos. 

Meet Jencey Provoost, an average student in Belgium who, like many others around the world, needed to finance his post-graduate studies at Lancaster University. After discovering cinemagraphs in an article on the marketing website Bloovi, Jencey identified their limitless potential from both a marketing and business venture perspective. With some market research and basic photography skills, he decided to monetize the opportunity by getting into the cinemagraph business to tackle his education expenses.

And boy, did it pay off.

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#MySummerThrowback Instagram Contest Winners

July 05, 2016 by Mehek Seyid

Summertime is one of the most busy, adventurous and exciting periods of the year because it is a season of possibilities. The Flixel team loves taking advantage of the long, sunny days, and has many fond memories of doing so over the years. Whether finding an escape in a pile of books, waiting for the ice-cream truck to swing around by the neighbourhood or cycling without a cloud in sight, each one of us remembers summer differently than the other, but with the same sense of joy and nostalgia.

We took the conversation to the Flixel community in our recent #MySummerThrowback contest to find out what summer meant to each one of you in the form of a cinemagraph. We saw some fantastic entries related to travel, the beach, families and nature, and asked Flixel Wizard Jon Kane Houldsworth, Flixel friend and popular Instagrammer Sara Tasker and you, our wonderful community of friends, to select the winning cinemagraphs. Take a look after the jump to see the #MySummerThrowback winners. 

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How to Attract More Customers with Ads that Don't Suck

June 22, 2016 by Cassandra King

Having trouble finding the right types of customers? Not seeing enough clicks and visits from your ads on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram? Follow these digital marketing tips to bring your ad game to the next level.

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