Flixel Launches New Themed Cinemagraph Galleries

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Flixel by, Cinema31Studios

Cinemagraph Pro provides endless possibilities for creating awesome living photos. Flixel.com and our mobile app feature thousands of amazing cinemagraph images. Many of which are showcased in our Fresh and Spotlight galleries. While scrolling through the thousands of flixels you’ve uploaded, we started to pick up on a few key themes. You’re making flixels about animals. You’re making flixels about fashion, food, landscapes and sports. You’re making flixels about the arts. You’re even making flixels about planes, trains and automobiles — and much more. So after some debate, many cups of strong coffee and a few late nights we’re happy to launch our flixel thematic galleries!

Flixel Launches New Cinemagraph Galleries New Flixel galleries highlight many new creative applications for living photos.

Take a look and let us know what you think.  Our hope is that these new galleries will provide inspiration to the fast-growing community of Flixographers and fans of the cinemagraph genre. Plus, these new galleries will also make it easier to find a favorite flixel and share them with friends and family


Also, with the holidays quickly approaching, and the cold winter chill finally setting in here in Toronto, we would love to see some great #festive cinemagraph images from you all! Hint: Twinkling lights, dancing snow, and crackling fires all make great living photos. If you happen to live in a warmer climate, feel free to make us all jealous by posting cinemagraphs showing off your version of the holidays. Sunny drenched beaches with billowing tinsel, and santa hats by the pool. If only we were all so lucky… Upload your creations to Flixel.com and share them on social media with the hashtag #FestiveFlixel so we can add them to our newest gallery!

Flixel by, elitefoto

We love what you create, and we love sharing it with the world! Take a look at our website or app to explore all of the great cinemagraphs our Flixel users have produced. Your work could be featured!

Feature Film Uses Flixel Cinemagraphs for Promos

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Cinemagraphs evolve the art of photography by adding a seamless element of motion. By adding this motion, a still photo turns into something much more captivating. Something that tells a story. Something that sticks. Knowing this, Edward from iLHP recently collaborated with actor, model, and director Guillaume Campanacci to create a stunning collection of cinemagraphs to promote the new feature film, “Devils in Disguise“.

The Film
The film is a modern take on the French New Wave genre, revolving around a love triangle with a big twist. Sexy, violent, and full of revenge, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. The cinemagraphs portray this theme perfectly, with the main characters Leila (Megan Mattox) and Sandy (Montanna Leigh Gillis) leaning on each other seductively; eyes piercing the viewer with a cold intensity.

Edward boasts, “I’ve done it the hard way through Photoshop but Flixel’s Cinemagraph Pro makes the whole process so seamless…/ all you need to do is buy their software and watch this video. It’s that easy.” With Edward and Guillaume’s creative vision, and Flixel Cinemagraph Pro‘s user friendly technology, they were able to create some stunning living photos.

Check out iLHP’s article for more! http://ilovehatephoto.com/2014/11/18/cinemagraphs-for-devils-in-disguise/

Cinemagraph Pro Brings Haunting Views of Chernobyl to Life

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“A faded Soviet flag still soars proudly in Chernobyl, Ukraine.”

Filmmaker Christiaan Welzel and his wife Kseniya have trekked across the world adventuring for the majority of the last eight years. They decided to start exploring places that were extremely hard to get to like Antarctica or various ghost towns, but they finally decided on traveling to Ukraine where Kseniya is from. It was in April of last year, days before the 27th anniversary of the nuclear disaster, when months of preparations finally came to fruition and they headed off to Chernobyl.
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Product Photography with Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for Mac

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This month we had the pleasure of sitting down with the creative minds behind Toronto’s HangLoose Media, a new production studio facility /event space located in the heart of Toronto’s Studio City. Having completed a recent Cinemagraph campaign using Cinemagraph Pro for Tequilla Tromba, we were eager to take a look behind the scenes and learn what it took to craft this compelling hybrid campaign.

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