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PepsiCo Tests Cinemagraphs in Facebook Ads With Thumb-Stopping Results

October 12, 2016 by Mehek Seyid

 Given their incredible brand presence around the globe and ever-expanding food and beverage product lines, PepsiCo is well-versed in how to generate top-of-mind positioning amongst their consumers. With their new lemon-lime beverage Mist Twst, they wanted to stay true to the brand's mission of exposing people to dynamic stories and experiences with a new approach in Facebook advertising. Learn how PepsiCo put a twist on their strategy with cinemagraphs.

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Instagram and the United Nations Create Cinemagraph Portraits with Flixel

October 11, 2016 by Mehek Seyid

A group of world leaders walked into a room and came to life as cinemagraphs. Seriously - that happened. 

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Q&A with Singer Brooklyn Doran on Cinemagraph Music Video

September 19, 2016 by Mehek Seyid


Music videos have always been a space where new concepts and techniques are used to evolve visual storytelling and music. When we saw that fellow Canadian and singer Brooklyn Doran used cinemagraphs in her new music video, we wanted to find out more about how cinemagraphs became a part of her story and her new album, These Paper Wings.

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Vertical Video: It's Time to Use Vertical Cinemagraphs for Digital Marketing

September 12, 2016 by Cassandra King


Shift to Vertical

For over 60 years we've watched video horizontally. That's how the video evolution started thanks to TV and cinema being our main source of consumption. That's changing. And changing fast - here's why you should care.

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GIFs vs HD Cinemagraphs

September 06, 2016 by Robert Lendvai


It's Time to Stop Using Tech from the 80s

Crazy as it sounds, most people still use technology created in 1987 to “show-off” their cinemagraphs on the web. You heard it here. The infamous GIF file format dates back to the dark ages — long before the birth of the Internet. Why the heck is it still around?

We all love seeing GIFs used for memes and looping cat videos. Heck, one silicon valley startup even raised an ungodly sum of money as a platform for sharing animated GIFs. Unfortunately, the GIF file format was created for tiny little images made up from a handful of colors.

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