Winning with Stock Cinemagraphs

As marketers compete for our attention with banner ads, social media campaigns and more, cinemagraphs have proven to be a highly effective visual medium. By isolating a single element for movement while the rest of the image remains still, cinemagraphs capture and hold the attention of online audiences. Not only do they consistently outperform still images in digital marketing campaigns, but they tell a story instantly unlike long-form video which requires more time and resources to produce.

Winner of a 2014 Apple Design Award, Cinemagraph Pro defined a new medium in visual storytelling. Five years later, cinemagraphs continue to be named a top photography and design trend and are highly in demand from marketers and top brands. While smartphones make recording video footage easier than ever before, marketers often opt to save even more time by purchasing stock cinemagraphs or footage that can be easily transformed in Cinemagraph Pro.

We are thrilled to be working with Pond5, the world’s largest video-first content marketplace, and want to show our community just how easy it is to make money as a stock contributor, purchase content, and create cinemagraphs from existing footage in Cinemagraph Pro.

Cinemagraph by ixhumni

Submitting Cinemagraphs for Sale on Pond5

Pond5 facilitates licensing artists’ work to a global network of buyers in over 150 countries. In doing so, they provide creative professionals with content, inspiration, and tools to improve their storytelling across television and film, digital advertising, and so much more.

Cinemagraph by ixhumni

With video being such a powerful content marketing tool, creators have more opportunities than ever to make money from cinemagraphs. Pond5 contributors own the rights to their work and earn 50% commission on all sales, which is one of the best payout rates in the industry. They also give creators to freedom to set their own prices while offering best practices to help contributors maximize their profits. Visit the Pond5 Contributor Portal to sign up and learn more.

Purchasing Cinemagraphs from Pond5

Marketing and design teams who don’t want to buy or record suitable video footage can purchase cinemagraphs directly from Pond5. They have a curated collection of cinemagraphs along with thousands of others which can be searched for using keywords. Their collection includes 700+ cinemagraphs created by Flixel Wizard Alexandre Miguel whose breathtaking landscapes inspire online audiences to explore the world and their own creative potential.

Creating Cinemagraphs in Cinemagraph Pro


Whether you use new or repurposed footage, perfectly still video is the key to a successful cinemagraph. Recording footage from a tripod will captivate viewers, ensuring that the motion in the cinemagraph blends seamlessly with the rest of the image. The video should also be composed in a way that separates motion so you can easily isolate a single moving element.

Notice the differences between the examples below to understand which characteristics to look out for when choosing stock footage to create cinemagraphs.

The video above is suitable for cinemagraphs because it was a) recorded on a tripod and b) the model and green areas do not overlap in the foreground and background. Even though the video below was recorded on a tripod, it is not suitable for cinemagraphs because the paddler and water are both moving and overlap in the foreground and background.

Only a few seconds of video capturing repetitive motion is required but if you’re recording new footage anyways, it doesn’t hurt to have multiple takes; buyers will appreciate having multiple variations to choose from.


Import your video into Cinemagraph Pro and choose a frame for your still image. Use the brush tool to paint a mask and watch your cinemagraph come to life in real time.

Adjust the size, hardness, and opacity of the brush and eraser for blending if motion subtly overlaps with the still areas of your image. Bounce or repeat the loop, make any necessary adjustments, and that’s all there is to it. Because buyers often search for very specific content, it’s best not to crop or over-stylize cinemagraphs for submission.

Sharing Stock Cinemagraphs

Check the stock providers’ recommended settings to export your cinemagraphs for submission. You can choose an export preset to apply the preferred format, size, frame rate, and length for each social network or customize the settings. As a general rule, we recommend exporting cinemagraphs in the highest possible quality with enough repetitions to equal at least 5 seconds.

When you upload cinemagraphs to Flixel galleries, an embed code is generated that is supported by most website builders. The Flixel embed will autoplay and loop your cinemagraphs on all browsers and devices in stunning HD quality. While creators may choose to include hosting as a service for clients, stock providers will only require the files which are often made available in various formats and resolutions.

If you’re new to Cinemagraph Pro, watch tutorials and practice what you learn using the demo documents in-app to help you get started. Learn tips for transforming your cinemagraph passion into a cinemagraph business and other ways to make money as a cinemagraph creator in previous blog posts.

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