Flixel Team Picks Their Favorite Cinemagraphs of 2016

We started Flixel for one reason.

We love cinemagraphs and we wanted to make them ourselves. We tried creating them with traditional photo and video editings apps, and quickly discovered that there had to be a better way. That’s why we invented Cinemagraph Pro ― an app that makes creating cinemagraphs fast, fun and super-easy.

Today, over 1 million cinemagraphs have been created with Cinemagraph Pro and the Flixel Community now touches every corner of the world. We saw thousands of amazing cinemagraphs this year.

Last week as the Flixel Team sat down to reflect on 2016, I decided to ask some of our team members to pick a favorite and explain why they selected it. Not surprisingly, everybody at Flixel has a passion for photography and the new medium of cinemagraphs. They also have very strong opinions about what they like in a cinemagraph. Let’s take a look at their favorite cinemagraph of the year.

Click on any of the cinemagraphs to see them full-screen in the creator’s Flixel Gallery.

Indifferent Cat, by Thomas Brand

The colour and composition of Thomas Brand’s cinemagraph create an aesthetic similar to what a modern renaissance painting might resemble. Freezing the dog in the manner Thomas has, gives even the still elements of his cinemagraph a dynamic staging and energy that plays into the nonchalant demeanor of the feline in motion. The texture alone make this cinemagraph noteworthy (the mutt’s rich coat and rickety stone walls in particular). Hang it in a gallery, call it a day.” – Kyle Marchen, Video Producer

Michael, by Jimmy Cheung

“Jimmy approaches creating cinemagraphs as one would for a photo. His work is a look into the simple everyday everythings, the often passed-by moments that we experience daily. The scene in this cinemagraph of a fearless subject encompassed with cold tonality and a dash of red is what drew me towards it in the first place. The movement is delayed, giving the viewer the idea that he is looking at a photo and once the cinemagraph is brought to life, it’s dramatic subtlety instills a sense of excitement in the eyes of the viewer. Absolutely captivating!”  – Aaron Paul, Flixel Marketing Specialist

Earth seen from the International Space Station, by Armand Dijcks

Because I’m a sucker for space cinemagraphs.” – Karl Moskowski, Senior Developer

My friend and his chocolate, by Jenff

“One of the key elements to any great cinemagraph is the loop. Jenff’s endless chocolate pour cinemagraph reflects the careful artistry involved in creating the perfect loop that unlocks the hypnotizing power of the medium. It’s a simple concept, but you’ll probably find yourself fixated on the infinite rainbow, pondering about childhood amidst the neon blue and yellow. This cinemagraph, like much of the rest of Jenff’s work, not only changes the way you think about colour and the types of movement bringing life to a visual, but reminds you that the ultimate #cinemagraphgoals can be attained while mastering the most fundamental of concepts.” – Mehek Seyid, Marketing Specialist

Calais Jungle Refugee Camp, by Mario Sahe-Lacheante

At its core, a great cinemagraph is a great photograph. I’ve always believed that every type of photography lends itself to this new medium. While most photographers continue to focus on the whimsical nature of cinemagraphs, Mario took the medium into the realm of photojournalism. His Calais Jungle Refugee Camp series uses the power of cinemagraphs to tastefully tell the painful story of the refugee’s final weeks in the camp. It’s an important new way to tell even the most difficult stories of the day, and one that other top photojournalists will all soon emulate.” – Robert Lendvai, CMO

Mornings, by Daria Khoroshavina

Daria is a master of creating cinemagraphs, she creates perfect loops flawlessly.  Beyond her technical skill Daria’s cinemagraphs are my favourite because of the beautiful, cozy scenes of baking and reading that she captures. The subtle motion in her cinemagraphs charm and delight and her incredible ability to set the scene create places we wish we could inhabit as infinitely as the cinemagraph loops.” – Julia Grandfield, Marketing & Product Designer

MVMT Watches, by Jonathan Kane Houldsworth

“There are mortals. And then there are gods. Every one of Jonathan’s cinemagraphs leave you feeling like they belong in a gallery, hanging alongside a Van Eyck. I find the sheer variety in his work incredible. Time freezes to a standstill in a cinemagraph and I felt that this particular one, alludes to it – capturing the very essence of the medium. The perfectly balanced lighting, vivid colours and the composition gives the cinemagraph a surreal vibe. And the technical difficulty involved in creating this time-lapse blows my mind, making this a very special cinemagraph for me.” – Arun Krishna, Digital Marketing Manager

One step before the fall, by Martina Mlčúchová

Grape Festival 2016 / Bloc Party, by Martina Mlčúchová

The hardest cinemagraph to capture is by far live performances. Even harder is live performances with light shows. With so many elements out of one’s control you really need to adapt your cinemagraph with the footage you have and make the best of it. For Martina Mlčúchová, she doesn’t accept this compromising situation, and rather takes this limitation to new creative heights. She blends motion and double exposures with her live performance cinemagraphs in such a unique way that it has become her trademark style. Once you see her work, you understand why cinemagraphs really are it’s own medium and can empower a distinctive storytelling narrative.” – Phil LeBlanc, CEO & Co-Founder 

Fjaðrárgljúfur, Iceland, by Andrew Pavlidis

“There’s something so magical about being outdoors, surrounded by nature, without a person in sight. Andrew Pavlidis is an amazing photographer, and an even more amazing cinemagraph creator. He finds these beautiful moments of adventure and wanderlust, and forever encapsulates them in an infinite loop–subtle motion bringing the photo to life. This one in particular grabbed my attention, with the smooth flowing water, and bright pop of colour. Travel is close to my heart, and Andrew’s cinemagraphs make me want to jump off the couch and explore what the world has to offer.” –  Cassandra King, Marketing Manager

(Flixel Marketing Manager)

When Cassandra was six, she was asked to share a story with her class…and hasn’t stopped telling them since. Now she does so through photography, video and writing, but with the same sense of wonder - and love for glitter - as her inner kid.


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