The Perfect Loop Episode 02: Flixel Wizard Jason Teale, Vero, NYFW, and More!

We’re Back with a New Episode of The Perfect Loop: The Official Flixel Podcast

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We are so excited to be back this month with a brand new episode of The Perfect Loop: The Official Flixel Podcast! After getting tons of positive feedback on our very first episode, we knew we wanted to come back with more conversations about the exciting, evolving world of cinemagraphs and social media. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to our first episode, make sure to do so! We talk about the history of cinemagraphs, the rumoured cinemagraph feature coming to Instagram, and Flixel Studios work with ESPN for the College Football Semi-finals and Finals. Plus, we interview Flixel Wizard Michel Molder, a photographer based in the Netherlands who built a business on cinemagraphs in the last few years.

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Episode 2: Cinemagraphs on Vero, Mobile Photography, New York Fashion Week Activation with Tresemme


On the second episode of The Perfect Loop, Flixel CMO and host Robert Lendvai is joined by marketing team members Aaron Paul (Community and Brand Partnerships) and Mehek Seyid (Content Marketing) to talk about what is trending in social media, mobile photography, and of course, the world of cinemagraphs. This month, we dive into the new social media app that has the entire Flixel community buzzing—Vero—and discuss what makes this platform different than other social media networks. We also chat with our resident mobile photographer Aaron about some awesome apps like Snapseed and VSCO and tools like Moment lenses that can help creators step up their mobile photography work. Plus, we take a look at a recent Flixel Studios project with Tresemme and E! Network during New York Fashion Week. This brand activation resulted in over 2,000 cinemagraphs created over the course of a week, and involved Flixel cinemagraph creators from around the globe.

But First: Our Interview with Flixel Wizard Jason Teale on Working with Flixel Studios, His Love for Cinemagraphs, and the Flixel Walk in South Korea

Our special guest on this month’s episode of The Perfect Loop is Flixel Wizard Jason Teale. Jason is a photographer and teacher based in Ulsan, South Korea. He has been a part of the Flixel community for many years, and is well-known for his landscape and timelapse cinemagraphs. He also actively contributes to cinemagraph discussions, offers feedback, and even creates tutorials for other photographers to access. Jason recently led a huge team of photographers and Flixel Artists for a Flixel Studios project during the 2018 Pyeongchang Winters Olympics, and opens up about the experience on this episode. He also shares details about our very first Flixel Walk in Asia on March 31st in Seoul, South Korea, which he will host.

Show Notes

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