The Official Flixel Podcast: The Perfect Loop

Bringing the Cinemagraph World Right to Your Ears

Cinemagraph by Mario Sahe-Lacheante

If there’s something that you probably already know about us, it’s that we love cinemagraphs for storytelling, and telling the story of cinemagraphs. Cinemagraphs are a visual medium; so, naturally, the best way to experience cinemagraphs is to actually see them. That’s why we share cinemagraphs on social media, host Facebook and Instagram Lives to show off stunning living photos, and present the cinemagraph story at special events and activations.

But here’s the thing: the cinemagraph story is evolving, and quickly. There are thousands of cinemagraph creators around the world, top brands using cinemagraphs in their digital marketing, and audiences engaging with micro-video content more than ever before. These chapters deserve more celebration and discussion, because the cinemagraph story shouldn’t only be seen; it should be heard.

Introducing the Official Flixel Podcast: The Perfect Loop

We are really excited to announce the official Flixel podcast, The Perfect Loop. Creating a Flixel podcast is an idea that we floated around for years, because we thought it would be a great way to dig deeper into the news, events, projects, and most importantly, the people creating and using cinemagraphs to tell better stories. Plus, you can easily tune into the conversation anywhere you go, and easily stay in the loop (see what we did there?).

Why now, you ask? It simply seems right. Cinemagraphs are taking over photography, digital marketing, and beyond. Creators, marketers, photographers, and even small businesses are embracing this powerful medium. There are so many incredible moments to reflect on, and we know there is a lot more to look forward to in 2018.

The Flixel podcast is hosted by our CMO, Robert Lendvai. Robert will lead conversations surrounding cinemagraphs in digital marketing, advertising, social media, photography, and much, much more. Every month, we will select a few of our favourite headlines, happenings, and work and discuss them in a round-table format with other Flixel team members. We’ll also share an interview with a creator from the Flixel community to learn about their work and their take on the world of cinemagraphs and micro-video content. We hope that through The Perfect Loop, you’ll learn more about the cinemagraph story, where it fits in the world of creative storytelling, and why we are so passionate about it at Flixel.

The Perfect Loop: Episode 1 – Michel Molder


On our very first episode of The Perfect Loop, our host Robert Lendvai is joined by Flixel Marketing team members Brody Currie (Video Producer) and Mehek Seyid (Marketing Specialist) to take you back to the basics. They will walk you through the History of Cinemagraphs, including a look at cinemagraph pioneers Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg, how Flixel was born, and how social media became the perfect place to share cinemagraphs. They also discuss the rumoured cinemagraph feature coming to Instagram, and share a look at some of Flixel Studios work with ESPN during the College Football Semi-finals and Finals, as well as a shoot with Team Canada. Plus, an awesome interview with Flixel Wizard Michel Molder, who talks about his career in television and photography, and how he transitioned out of those fields to launch a freelance business solely focused on cinemagraphs.

You can listen to this episode by using the player below. We will be bringing the podcast to iTunes, so stay tuned for the updated link!

The Perfect Loop: Episode 1 Show Notes

Make sure to leave us a comment on this episode and let us know what you think! You can follow Flixel on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. You can also follow host Robert Lendvai and co-hosts Brody Currie and Mehek Seyid on Twitter.

(Marketing Specialist at Flixel)

Mehek crafts words, content, events and more for Flixel. She firmly believes that life is not life without a little spice, which is why she adds Sriracha to everything.

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