How to Post Flixel Cinemagraphs to Twitter

How to Post Cinemagraphs to Twitter

Twitter is a fantastic social network to share cinemagraphs. They play like an endless video in your Tweets. You can either use the link from, upload video through your phone, or post a GIF. Videos and GIFs autoplay in Twitter newsfeed.

Option 1: Add Link

You have the option to post to Twitter when uploading your cinemagraph to If you’ve passed this stage, go to the cinemagraph you want to display on and press on the Twitter button at the bottom right corner. Simply post the tweet and share it with the world! The link will come up as a video with a play button. To have your favorite cinemagraph automatically play, pin it to your profile!


Option 2: Post Video *the ideal choice*

Export a looping .mp4 video from Cinemagraph Pro that is under 6 seconds. From here, simply add to your tweet and share. The cinemagraph video will auto-play and auto-loop!

Option 3: GIF

The third option is to export a GIF from Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for Mac, and add “photo” to your tweet. This works when you don’t want to share a video from your phone.

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