The Best Cinemagraph App for iPhone and iPad Just Got a Whole Lot Better

We love cinemagraphs

And that’s why we started Flixel. From the very beginning, our vision was clear and simple. We wanted to bring the fun and magic of creating cinemagraphs to the world. And that included making the best cinemagraph app.

We long believed that cinemagraphs needed to take their rightful place alongside photo and video as the next great medium for visual storytelling and advertising.

With Cinemagraph Pro for iOS, we gave cinemagraph creators a powerful mobile studio so that they could see the world differently, and capture their stories instantly; so that they could edit on-the-go; and so that they could share beautiful, mesmerizing living photos with millions of people around the world, on web, social, and beyond, in stunning HD and 4K quality.

In the nearly seven years since we first introduced Cinemagraph Pro, our apps have been used to produce millions of cinemagraphs. Creators around the world embraced the cinemagraph medium, and love creating on iPhone and iPad ― devices that are now faster and more powerful than desktop computers.

Introducing Cinemagraph Pro for iOS Version 6.0

Cinemagraph Pro for iOS allows you to create professional quality cinemagraphs wherever and whenever inspiration strikes. With this release, we made our mobile cinemagraph studio even more powerful with a beautiful new design, simplified editing and export features, and easy-to-use share options. Cinemagraph Pro for iOS will inspire your storytelling, and allow you to shoot, edit, and export cinemagraphs for web, social media, Facebook ads and more, faster than ever before.

What’s New in Cinemagraph Pro fo iOS:

Stunning Visual Redesign for iOS 11
Discover, get inspired, and experience the magic of cinemagraphs in a redesigned interface. Use the new top-level tabs to guide you through your cinemagraph journey and create your living photos.

Cinemagraph Pro for iOS iPad Flixel Galleries

Find Inspiration from Top Cinemagraph Creators in a Beautiful New Design
We designed a beautiful new interface that makes browsing the Flixel galleries an immersive experience.

  • Discover the latest cinemagraphs from top creators.
  • Easily browse over 30 curated Flixel galleries.
  • Stunning cinemagraph quality delivered using HEVC.
  • Follow your favorite cinemagraph creators and get notified when they post new work.

Improved Tutorial Experience with Support for Picture-in-Picture
Follow 3 introductory Cinemagraph Pro for iOS tutorials while editing the cinemagraph demo documents at the same time for easy learning. You can also access case studies, behind-the-scenes content, and community features.

Enhanced Capture Mode for iPhone 8 and iPhone X
With added support for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, you can take advantage of the powerful cameras while shooting cinemagraphs in-app.

Unified Editing Mode Makes It Easier Than Ever To Create Cinemagraphs On-the-Go
We refreshed our editing interface by bringing all of the options in one unified mode, so that you can see your cinemagraphs come to life even faster.

All of Your Favourite Sharing Options in One Place
Access your share options in one menu so that you can easily choose how you want to share your cinemagraph — export, upload, and/or share document.

Cinemagraph Pro for iOS Export CInemagraphs Social Media

Create Custom Exports or Use Social Presets to Share Your Cinemagraphs In the Best Way Possible
Whether you’re a small business uploading a cinemagraph Facebook Ad, or a photographer sharing a new addition to your portfolio on social media, use our new export options to easily share your cinemagraphs.

  • Create custom exports to deliver the perfect cinemagraph including repetitions, file formats, resolution and frame rate.
  • Use export presets to optimize your cinemagraphs for easy social sharing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and more.
  • Added support for HEVC exports and uploads.

HD Quality Web Embeds
Upload your cinemagraphs to your Flixel gallery and receive a unique embed code so that you can display your cinemagraphs at the best quality on the web.

  • Host your cinemagraphs in beautiful HD quality on
  • Easily embed your cinemagraphs on blogs and websites in HD and watch them auto-play and auto-loop on every device and browser.

Apple Pencil Support on iPad
Take full advantage of the Pencil’s pressure and angle sensitivity while editing your cinemagraphs.

Apple Watch
Use your Apple Watch as a remote control for Cinemagraph Pro.


We are so excited to share the new and improved Cinemagraph Pro for iOS and hope it inspires you to create, edit, and share cinemagraphs even more on-the-go. Find the world’s best cinemagraph software tool on the App Store. You can even take advantage of new pricing options and kickstart your cinemagraph journey today!

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