Twitter Cinemagraphs: The Social Network Adds Support for Auto-Looping Videos

We’ve been wishing, and hoping, and thinking, and praying for this: auto-looping videos on Twitter. And now, it’s here: Twitter cinemagraphs.

Auto-loop Videos i.e. Twitter Cinemagraphs

As first reported in TechCrunch, Twitter announced this week that any video shared that is shorter than 6.5 seconds will now auto-loop on the social media platform. That means that your beautiful cinemagraphs can live across your Twitter feed and in your Twitter ads endlessly, just as they should. Twitter joins Facebook and Instagram as the last major social network to properly support cinemagraph videos.

It’s exciting to see Twitter support micro-video content with auto-playing and now, auto-looping features. With only a few seconds to capture your audience’s attention, cinemagraphs provide the thumb-stopping power that will mesmerize your followers across your Twitter feed and make you #trending.

Learn more about the new auto-loop function on Twitter here. Want to create your own cinemagraph for your Twitter feed? Download Cinemagraph Pro today.

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