The 7 Most Popular Cinemagraphs on Instagram from 2017

From a clockmaker that never sleeps to a workout that never ends, see the most popular @flixelphotos cinemagraphs on Instagram.

How do we curate the amazingly cool collection of cinemagraphs that almost 85 thousand people follow on the Flixel Photos Instagram account? It’s not easy. Our team sees hundreds of cinemagraphs daily and each tells a wonderful new story that’s worthy of being featured. Somehow, from all of those uploads to Flixel, we find a way to narrow it down to just one or two featured cinemagraphs on Instagram each day.

With Instagram autoplaying and autolooping cinemagraph videos, it’s the perfect platform for cinemagraphs created with Flixel apps. The use of cinemagraphs on Instagram really exploded in 2017, and they’ve taken their place alongside photos and videos as a very popular mainstream visual medium. Hundreds are now shared daily by brands, photographers and influencers. Why? Well the data shows that a great cinemagraph can drive far more engagement then a still photo. All without being overly intrusive like a traditional video that has sound. One study that PepsiCo did, showed how a cinemagraph performed 5,000% better than a still photo. That’s a 50X lift in engagement from a cinemagraph.

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Using impressions as the metric, here’s the Top 7 from 2017. Collectively, they received thousands of likes, views and comments from their fans. Cinemagraph lovers have high standards and gladly share an opinion or two on the content we share. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

The Best Cinemagraphs on Instagram from 2017

#1 Cinemagraph by Flixel Artist Ryan Gibson

#2 Cinemagraph by Flixel Artist Piti Pua Productions

#3 Cinemagraph by Flixel Artist Thomas Brand

#4 Cinemagraph by Flixel Artist Marko Roth

#5 Cinemagraph by Flixel Artist Mario Sahe-Lacheante

#6 Cinemagraph by Flixel Artist Thomas Brand

#7 Cinemagraph by Flixel Artist Happy Pixel

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