5 Reasons Why Storytellers Choose Cinemagraph Pro

Video has become the most powerful content marketing tool storytellers have at their fingertips. Not only are audiences watching more than ever before, but the means for sharing video are becoming increasingly sophisticated — especially on social media.

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Let’s take Instagram for example. Instagram users can upload HD videos up to 60 seconds in length individually or in a series. They can share ephemeral videos, either broadcasted live or shared for 24 hours, with the option to highlight selected Stories. IGTV, Instagram’s new vertical video app for sharing and discovering long-form content, allows users to share videos up to 15-minutes in length with verified accounts being allowed a full hour.

Businesses can advertise to a highly engaged audience on Instagram using short-form videos in multiple ad formats. While the release of IGTV is driving more audiences to engage with long-form video, many small businesses don’t have the resources to produce it.

Mirco-video is easy to create, doesn’t require a high budget, and delivers instantly. Because online audiences have the ability to watch virtually anything at anytime, we develop patterns to ignore content we think we don’t want to see. For these reasons, cinemagraphs and other micro-video formats will continue to thrive in the content marketing ecosystem. Not only do they perform incredibly well on social media, but on websites, banner ads, in emails, and more.

Why Cinemagraph Pro?

With so much competition and a growing demand for video content, storytellers must take advantage of tools that offer simplified editing processes, flexible solutions, and ongoing improvements.

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We already know that cinemagraphs capture attention, tell deeper visual stories, and drive results. The idea that video is a powerful content marketing tool is not new; what has changed is the growing impact it has on consumers. With this in mind, we challenged ourselves to think more critically about why people use Cinemagraph Pro, and what problems it can solve for today’s storytellers.

Cinemagraph Pro is really easy to use. You don’t need video editing experience to create professional quality cinemagraphs. You don’t even need a DSLR, unless you choose to use one. Import a video recorded on a tripod or steady surface and choose a frame for your still image. Use the brush tool to reveal the motion and bounce or repeat the loop. Make adjustments, style your cinemagraph, and that’s all there is to it. You can create cinemagraphs with multiple variations in minutes.

Cinemagraph Pro is a time-saving tool. In today’s fast-paced business world, shipping good content quickly is more important than ever. Create cinemagraphs in minutes and share them with your audience even quicker. You can post cinemagraphs instantly on connected social networks or upload to flixel.com to embed on websites and blogs. There’s no need to spend time writing code; ours will autoplay and loop your cinemagraphs on all browsers and devices.

Cinemagraph Pro is optimized for social sharing. Keeping track of the latest technical requirements and design recommendations for each social network is exhausting. Our export presets automatically update the preferred format, size, frame rate, and length for each of the top social networking platforms so you can spend more time creating and less time converting videos.

Cinemagraph Pro is being developed everyday. More resources have been put into product development in recent months and we’re looking forward to shipping some exciting new features. When combined, motion and still photography can be applied to a growing number of visual applications. Our mission is to continue developing tools that help creators redefine their visual storytelling and keep up with the changing landscape.

Cinemagraph Pro is tailored to your needs. We recently introduced monthly plans to add more flexibility to our solutions. We offer Mobile, Professional, and Business plans so you can subscribe to the plan you need, when you need it.


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