The Best Cinemagraphs of Summer 2017

The Flixel Marketing Interns Pick The Best Cinemagraphs of Summer 2017

When people talk about relaxing summers, they’re listening to some Montell Jordan, sneaking in some beach time, going to a few shows, getting their tan. But at Flixel HQ: this is how we do it.

We’ve been working hard on new content, initiatives, and Cinemagraph Pro app updates for customers and the Flixel community. We have a brand new set of tutorials available on our YouTube and in-app to help you reach your #cinemagraphgoals. We launched a contest series for the summer, and met some awesome cinemagraph creators along the way. We connected with small businesses, hit the streets of Toronto to spread the word about cinemagraphs, and even went live on the Flixel Facebook and Instagram to share some pro-tips and tricks when it comes to making and sharing cinemagraphs. Perhaps the biggest undertaking of all is the launch of the Flixel Flag project, which you can learn all about here.

Flixel Interns Best Cinemagraphs of Summer 2017

From bottom left corner, going clockwise: Alessandra, Anthony, Peter, and Dan

None of those things would have been possible without our amazing interns Peter, Anthony, Dan, and Alessandra, all of whom jumped into the world of cinemagraphs so quickly and passionately that it made the rest of the team spin. After spending four months creating blogs, editing videos, and talking about and starring in many living photos, we figured that these pros know a little something about what makes a cinemagraph great. So, we asked these four members of the Flixel fellowship: what are the best cinemagraphs of the summer?

We guess you could say this is their final exam. Read on to learn more about the Flixel interns and their picks for the best cinemagraphs of summer 2017.

The Best Cinemagraphs of Summer 2017

Peter | Content Marketing Intern
Flixel Hall of Fame Moments:  Hosting #TFPGlamourous, Authored The History of Cinemagraphs

I don’t know about you, but for me, proclaiming any one thing to be my favourite has always been a challenge. Well, I suppose I have a favourite film (Usual Suspects), and, now that I think about it, a favourite album (The Soft Bulletin). Oh, and a favourite destination, too (Oregon Dunes).

So, what is my best-loved/most-liked/choice cinemagraph from #SummerSeventeen? After perusing the gallery for all but 15 minutes, bedevilled by indecision, I decided to do something—dare I say—audacious. Something spiritual. Something I’ve literally never done before. I closed my eyes and began cycling through all of my memories from the past 4 months, as though I were the main character in that horrifying episode of Black Mirror. I reflected on all the great fun I had at Flixel, and all the amazing people I got to work (read: become friends) with. And then, like a ton of bricks, it hit me: Philipp Franke’s Seething Forest.

Cinemagraph by Phillip_Frank

Normally, I’m partial to cinemagraphs that immortalize one, specific moment in time. But, in the simplest of terms, I was drawn to this piece because, well, it reminds me of Victoria, British Columbia, my hometown. Big whoop—I’m nostalgic, sue me!

For me, the best cinemagraphs are those marked by subtly. You know, where the stillness and motion form a symbiosis, ebbing and flowing together as one—quite like the elements of nature. A seamless blend, if you will. And Philipp absolutely nailed that sentiment with this piece.

DANIEL | Video Intern
Flixel Hall of Fame Moments: Sweet dance moves at a Flixel Booth with the Canadian Marketing Association, Live Video Director

I have a confession to make, I’ve been editing the Top 5 videos all summer. I think this puts me in a great position to choose my favourite cinemagraph, as several pass through my editing software every week. I’ve seen tons over the last few months, and it’s been a pretty great experience. As a cinematographer, I always love seeing new styles and forms of imagery– and working at Flixel has opened my eyes to a whole new world with some truly incredible artists.

Cinemagraph by Jon Kane Houldsworth

That being said, I’d like to talk a bit about my favourite by Jonathan Kane Houldsworth. I’m a sucker for a good wind cinemagraph. Something about seeing the effects of the breeze looped perfectly makes it feel like you’re there. Jonathan really nailed that feeling for me here. On top of that, the beautiful palette and composition is some sweet, sweet icing on the cinemagraph cake.

ANTHONY | Marketing Intern
Flixel Hall of Fame Moments: Working with small businesses, Perfect Portrait Poser

When I was asked to write about my favourite cinemagraph, I went on the Flixel gallery to find the one that I had in mind since I started working at Flixel. As I scrolled through the fresh feed to find it, I saved the links of new ones that caught my attention. Funny thing is, all of the cinemagraphs that I saved were created by ThomasB.

Cinemagraph by Thomas Brand

Thomas’s style, composition, colour grading, and storytelling is one to appreciate. Most of his cinemagraphs have at least one person in them with an incredible view, similar to @minimal_people on Instagram. Creative visuals such as these remind me that it’s a big world out there; it would be a shame not to experience it. That said, this cinemagraph is an inspiration to me. Being an avid creative and passionate traveler myself, I’d love to create selfie-cinemagraphs with my future girlfriend/wife around the world!

ALESSANDRA | Social Video Intern
Flixel Hall of Fame Moments: Nailing the Singing in the Rain Pose, Flixel Project Videos

After an entire summer of working with cinemagraphs, it was pretty close to impossible for me to choose just one favourite. I’ve really enjoyed viewing works by a multitude of Flixel Wizards, but I was able to narrow it down to this piece by Jimmy Cheung.

Cinemagraph by Jimmy Cheung

When I encountered this cinemagraph in the Flixel gallery, I was instantly captivated. The portrait cinemagraphs that Jimmy produces are always unique and allow for the main subject to shine and hold a viewer’s attention. And as a film student who has a strong interest in fashion photography, I thought this cinemagraph was the perfect meshing of a lookbook and an old film reel. It definitely made me want to go out and experiment with making fashion films through Cinemagraph Pro.

Ah, the leaves are changing. So long sweet summer, and to the best interns we could have asked for. We’re going to miss this group of bright, talented, creative folks. Let us know what are your favourite cinemagraphs of summer 2017.

Interns, signing off!

(Marketing Specialist at Flixel)

Mehek crafts words, content, events and more for Flixel. She firmly believes that life is not life without a little spice, which is why she adds Sriracha to everything.

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  1. Yay thanks so much for picking my shot Daniel! Here in New Zealand we're only just crawling our way out of the long winter and that little holiday in San Fransisco is like a rose tinted dream already :)

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