Cinemagraph Challenge: Welcome to The Flixel Games

With the Winter Olympics Around the Corner, It’s Time to Make Some Cinemagraphs

The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympics are kicking off this week, and we couldn’t be more excited. The entire world will be watching cross-country skiers race across snowy hills, figure skaters attempting quadruple axels, and hockey teams going head-to-head on the ice. While we love checking out the Winter Olympics whenever they come around (Go Team Canada!), we thought that this year, we’ll commemorate the event with our very own friendly cinemagraph competition.

Welcome to The Flixel Games, Our Latest Cinemagraph Contest

Over the next two weeks, we are hosting a competition called The Flixel Games. It’s a series of rapid-fire cinemagraph challenges that will test your strength, creativity, and cinemagraph skills. Here’s how it works: there are four cinemagraph challenges. Every challenge has a unique theme, and you will only have a few days to enter each challenge before we move onto the next one. Here’s the catch: you won’t find out the theme of the challenge until it starts, so you’ll have to stay tuned to this post and our social challenge to find out what you need to create next. Challenges will be announced on February 7th, 12th, 17th, and 22nd.

Your Prize: If you choose to participate in one or two challenges, you get to call yourself an official Flixel Games athlete and competitor, with some bragging rights on the side. But if you’re ready to take on at least three out of the four challenges, you have the chance to win an awesome prize pack from Flixel, plus the highly coveted title of Flixel Champion.

How to Enter #TheFlixelGames

  • Create a cinemagraph that matches the theme of the challenge.
  • Upload your cinemagraph(s) to Instagram with the hashtag #TheFlixelGames.
  • Cinemagraphs will only be considered during the dates of the individual challenge. For example, if you upload a cinemagraph during the first challenge, it will not be considered for the fourth challenge.
  • You can also enter cinemagraphs you previously created, but they must be uploaded during the challenges dates with the hashtag.

Please note that cinemagraphs which feature any nudity, violence, and/or drugs will not be accepted into the contest.

Cinemagraph Challenge #3: Be a Wizard, and Create a Levitation Cinemagraph!

Cinemagraph for Team Canada by Flixel Studios

There’s a feeling that you get when you create a really great cinemagraph. You look at the magical story you conjured, and you think, “Does this make me a wizard?” Let’s tap into that feeling for Challenge #3, which is all about levitation cinemagraphs. There is nothing more magical than making something appear as if it’s floating in a cinemagraph.  Find your inner Harry Potter, say, “Wingardium, Leviosa!”, and get creating.  You have until February 21st at 11:59PM EST to enter this round. Good luck!

Grab your tripod and  your camera or iPhone…and let the games begin!

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