3 Tips For Your Flixel Photo Booth Experience With TIFF Boombox

Flixel Photo Booth experiences are the best way to bring the interactiveness and fun of cinemagraphs to any event. Just ask Multivitamin Media, a Toronto-based agency who created a galactic-inspired Flixel Photo Booth for the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF)’s annual Boombox fundraising event.

TIFF Cinemagraphs Boombox

This year’s Boombox celebrated 50 years of Star Trek by transforming the TIFF Bell Lightbox in Toronto into a “multi-sensory adventure” for guests. This experience included special performances, virtual reality activations, swirling planetary projections and Multivitamin Media’s engaging cinemagraph photo booth that peaked the interest of several Boombox goers.

“The booth was completely slammed from beginning to the end of the night,” said Angelo Dodaro, co-founder of Multivitamin Media, who shot and edited each cinemagraph using a Canon 5D Mark IV and Flixel Cinemagraph Pro. With a simple space theme and a few cinemagraph concepts in mind, Angelo and his team created fantastic portrait shots as a token for all of those who were ready to live long and prosper in their own cinemagraph.

Flixel Booth TIFF

Here are three tips from Multivitamin Media’s Flixel Photo Booth at TIFF Boombox that you can use for your own live cinemagraph experience at your next event:

Tip #1: Know Your Photo Booth Environment


When creating your interactive Flixel Photo Booth, stay conscious of your set environment and where your photo booth will be. Sometimes that means confining your shot to a certain space, and in other instances, it means actively thinking about how you can use the elements of your set to elevate your living photos. While the Multivitamin team was unable to use the smoke machine that they originally rented for their booth at TIFF Boombox, they were able to use the rotating multi-coloured lights projected onto their black backdrop to spruce up their photo booth environment (resulting in living photos!)

Tip #2: Prepare a Few Motion Ideas


It’s sometimes difficult for your guests to stay completely still, which then makes isolating a movement for your cinemagraph a challenge. While bringing in a natural motion created by your subject adds a personal touch, it’s always a good to have a few ideas prepared that involve props or creating effects that work for any individual. It doesn’t take a lot to get cool, dynamic results; in Angelo’s case, he used a small hair dryer to create a wind effect for several guests while they held up flashing glowing balls that he purchased at a local dollar store. If you find yourself in a rush or there is a long line of people waiting, it’s good to have a fallback plan to quickly execute the cinemagraphs. Some moving or flashing object that can sit in the frame works really well, and is super simple to shoot and edit.


Bonus: These types of motions are easier to mask, which makes for an even faster turnover time for your cinemagraphs.

Tip #3: Looping Options in Flixel Cinemagraph Pro Are Your Best Bet

While it can be challenging for guests to perfect their movements for their cinemagraphs, photographers can creatively use the looping options in Flixel Cinemagraph Pro to transform two seconds of movement into a thumbstopping motion. For example, Angelo shared that some of the attendees at the Boombox party were unable to successfully execute the infamous “Live Long and Prosper” hand sign. To ease the process, he requested that guests open their hand to the sign gesture, and then used the Bounce loop to create a smooth open-close gesture that personalized the cinemagraph while recreating the iconic Star Trek visual.


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