Export a single loop from Cinemagraph Pro as an MP4 video

Whether you are using Keynote or PowerPoint, you will only need 1 loop of your cinemagraph. This will help to keep the file size of the cinemagraph video small, and the overall size of the presentation more manageable. If you plan on using the cinemagraph as a full-screen image, leave the size of the cinemagraph Full. Otherwise, you can reduce it to 1/2 or smaller.

Use cinemagraphs in PowerPoint and Keynote

Use the export function in Cinemagraph Pro to create an MP4 video.

Repeat this for all the cinemagraphs you’ll be using in your presentation. Once you have all of your MP4s you’re ready to jump over to PowerPoint or Keynote. We’ll start with PowerPoint.


Step 1. Go to the slide you want to add the cinemagraph to. Select the “Insert” tab. You should see a “Video” icon at the far right side of the nav bar. Select Movie from File and import your MP4.

Step 2. You now have your cinemagraph video on the slide. You can resize it or leave it full-screen. By default, PowerPoint assumes that you want to click to start the video during a presentation. Let’s change that so it works more like a cinemagraph. Click on the cinemagraph video. A new tab called “Video Format” will appear in the Nav bar.

Change Start to Automatically and select Loop Until Stopped. The cinemagraph video will now autoplay and loop beautifully when you get to this slide during your presentation.

You can have several cinemagraphs on the same slide and add text or other graphics over it just like any object in PowerPoint.


Step 1. Keynote makes using cinemagraph videos even easier than PowerPoint. Go to the slide you want to add your cinemagraph video to. You can either drag your MP4 onto the slide or insert from the menu.

Step 2: With your cinemagraph video now on the slide, select the Movie panel on the right side of the screen. At the bottom you’ll see the Repeat option. Set it to Loop and make sure Start on click is off.

That’s it. Your cinemagraph videos will now play beautifully during your presentation. To see just how amazing your presentations will look take a look at this example I created in Keynote and shared via YouTube.

BONUS: Brands Using Cinemagraphs Presentation

Trying to pitch cinemagraphs to a client or even your company? We’ve got a Keynote and Powerpoint deck just for you that showcases brands using cinemagraphs. Download them below (file size: 200 MB).

Download Keynote | Download PowerPoint