Flixel Creates Cinemagraphs At The Canadian Marketing Association

Earlier this month Flixel was invited to the Social Mixer Series held by the Canadian Marketing Association (CMA). The CMA brings together the marketing community each month, and as the official Cinemagraph Partner, our team brings the Flixel experience to these events. With the opportunity to meet creative and strategic minds from Toronto’s marketing community, we were excited to showcase the medium of cinemagraphs, share the story of how cinemagraphs are changing the face of digital advertising and create some fun living photos for the attendees!

Flixel Creates a Cinemagraph Photo Booth at the CMA Social Mixer

Check out this video to see highlights from the Flixel cinemagraph experience at the event:

Against the backdrop of the rustic Steam Whistle brewery located in downtown Toronto, and with Cinemagraph Pro for iOS loaded and ready to go on our iPads, we set up a fun summer-themed patio scene and invited the attendees to be their creative selves in the cinemagraphs! With the ease of use and functionality of Cinemagraph Pro for iOS, we were able to create fun living photos within a matter of minutes, ready for the attendees to share on their social channels.


Cinemagraphs Bring an Interactive Experience to Events

“CMA continues to draw bigger and bigger crowds at Steam Whistle for our Social Mixer Series” said Tim Bishop, Vice President of the CMA, “ and we’re proud to say that Flixel has been a key partner in our success! The Flixel team have helped deliver a memorable evening event for our attendees by consistently delivering a fun, engaging and interactive experience.  It’s amazing to see the cinemagraphs being created as you watch… it takes a typical photo booth up to the next level!”


We had a whale of a time getting to meet many Toronto-based creatives and create cinemagraphs for everyone! And we can’t wait to do it again!

(Marketing Specialist at Flixel)

Being a social marvel in school, Aaron was often asked to leave the classroom. He left and became a social marvel at Flixel. He curates, creates, educates and advocates for the evolving story of the cinemagraph. He is a pundamental marketer.

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