Creating Cinemagraphs on Mobile - Flixel Walk Las Vegas

Ever since we held our first Flixel Walk in New York last year, we have been yearning to do another one; and we took it to the city that was made for cinemagraphs: Las Vegas.

Checkout our video, following all of the action on our Flixel Walk with JOBY in Las Vegas!

At Flixel, we are inspired by our incredible community and their passion for creating cinemagraphs, which is why we jump on the slightest chance to meet them in person and have some meaningful, face-to-face interactions. Flixel Walks help us teach our community, while we learn a little more about them and create some rad cinemagraphs!

We teamed up with our friends from JOBY Inc, the creators of some of the best mobile tripods in the world. As you all know, you CANNOT create a cinemagraph without a tripod and we were able to make some darn fine ones, thanks to JOBY’s awesome tripods!

Cinemagraph by Rocky Montez-Carr

We met up with our community at the famed Fountains of Bellagio. If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, I’m sure you’ve stopped by this location! It was perfect. With incredible lights, buildings, fountains and structures, every single spot was a cinemagraph waiting to be created.

Shooting cinemagraphs at the Bellagio Fountains on our Flixel Walk in Las Vegas with Joby

With Flixel Wizard Rocky Montez-Carr taking the lead and guiding our attendees on some best practices for creating cinemagraphs, everyone was ready to go create some dope living photos on their own.

Rocky Montez-Carr teaching how to edit in Cinemagraph Pro at the Bellagio Fountains on our Flixel Walk in Las Vegas with Joby

With the incredible and vibrant backdrop that was the Las Vegas Strip, what we saw was an unfolding of our incredibly talented attendees bonding over their love for cinemagraphs and visual storytelling, (while creating some amazing content).

Robert shooting cinemagraphs at the Bellagio Fountains on our Flixel Walk in Las Vegas with Joby

We can’t wait to get out there and meet more of you! Where would you like us to have our next Flixel Walk? Let us know in the comments.

(Marketing Specialist at Flixel)

Being a social marvel in school, Aaron was often asked to leave the classroom. He left and became a social marvel at Flixel. He curates, creates, educates and advocates for the evolving story of the cinemagraph. He is a pundamental marketer.


  1. Hi Aaron! Let's bring Flixel Walks to Philadelphia, PA! Philly is quickly becoming a must visit place with lots to share. Let's show the world through Cinemagraph. I would love to help make this happen.

    • Hey Jojo! That's sounds awesome! We definitely would love to make that happen!

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