The Ultimate 2017 Holiday Gift Guide for Photographers

Shopping for photographers can be challenging. So we made it easy!

With the holidays just around the corner, we know you’re probably pulling your hair out trying to figure out the perfect gift for the “creative photog” in your family or group. Or, maybe it’s you that needs some new shiny products to help you create some amazing content in 2018! We partnered with some other great brands to present this guide for some great gift ideas and make shopping this holiday season a whole lot easier.

Check out the ultimate 2017 holiday gift guide for photographers!



Made with incredible precision and quality, Moment’s lenses are a must-have for shooting mobile cinemagraphs. With lenses that range from wide to telephoto, and superfish to macro, you will love the amount of detail and depth in video you can achieve for your cinemagraphs!

Head here to get a 10% discount on Moment‘s lenses and start creating awesome cinemagraphs on your iPhone.


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Format makes it easy to build your own professional portfolio website without having to design or code – or hire outside help. Tens of thousands of photographers, designers, artists, and illustrators worldwide currently use Format to showcase their work online and grow their career.

Start displaying your gorgeous photos and cinemagraphs today with a free 3-month subscription to Format!



We all know that a tripod is the most essential piece of gear you will find in a cinemagraph creator’s toolbag. With a robust and sturdy build, and more flexibility than a chimpanzee, you can set one of JOBY’s Gorrilapod tripods on any surface to get that perfect shot for your cinemagraph. And yes, Joby makes both mobile tripods and ones for yoru DSLR.

Use ‘FLIXEL20’ for a 20% discount on JOBY Tripods.


What holiday gift guide for photographers would be complete without a camera? You’re going to want to get your hands on the perfect camera for your creative storytelling this holiday season. Fujifilm boasts of some amazing cameras which will allow you to create thumbstopping content with lightweight bodies which makes it easy to carry around while packing serious power when it comes to shooting in both HD and 4K video. You will also be getting some crisp and beautiful video which will make for some incredible cinemagraphs, with even more vivid and mesmerizing results.

Check out Fujifilm’s awesome holiday deals here.


Nomad is much more than a brand name. As a company and a team, they believe in owning fewer things, being resourceful, and seeking adventure. This is the very core of their product vision: creating minimalist, practical tools that keep us powered on the go. All of the mobile accessories are built from the ground up. Materials selection is core to fulfilling their product promise of true portability, so they select the lightest, thinnest, strongest materials to suit their designs, which make for some awesome holiday gifts!

Use the code ‘FLIXEL20’ to get 20% off Nomad‘s awesome goods!


The goal that Meural has set out to accomplish is to democratize art. They believe art is for everyone, and are dedicated to bringing it into homes of all shapes and sizes. To do so, they combine the best of art, technology, and design to create products that make us feel something. They make sure artists are properly compensated, and support them at every step in their career. Gift Meural this holiday season!

Save $100 on any Meural product. Special available until 20/12/17!


Photographers tend to pack a lot of gear. We can’t help it! From lenses to tripods, to flashes and reflectors, every photographer wants to be able to safely (and stylishly) carry their gear around with them. That’s where Lowepro comes in. Lowepro has an entire line of backpacks, cases, bags, specifically for keeping all of that sweet, sweet gear safe.

Make for an awesome holiday buy and get 20% off any of Lowepro‘s awesome products with the code ‘FLIXEL20’

We hope you’ve found something special in this holiday gift guide for photographers. Let us know in the comments below what you’ll be picking up this holiday season!

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