Creating Cinemagraphs in the Big Apple: Flixel Walk NYC

Ever since we held our first Flixel Walk in Brooklyn last year, we’ve been waiting to go back to the Big Apple to do more! New York City has a vibrant energy like no other. With towering skyscrapers, the bustling underground, and dollar slices of za, there is a moment waiting to be captured in every nook and corner. Creating cinemagraphs in NYC is like a match made in heaven… there’s always something or someone in motion!

Check out our video: Creating Cinemagraphs in NYC!

At Flixel, we are inspired by our incredible community and their passion for creating cinemagraphs, which is why we jump on the slightest chance to meet them in person and have some meaningful, face-to-face interactions. Flixel Walks help us teach our community, let us learn a little more about them, and create some rad cinemagraphs while we’re at it!

Cinemagraph by Erik Ellingson

Flixel Walk in Battery Park, Brooklyn, NYC

We convened at the gorgeous Castle Clinton in Battery Park, located at the southern-most tip of New York City. We were sandwiched between the picturesque Financial District and the Hudson River with the sun going down over the horizon. Needless to say, we couldn’t wait to make some gorgeous cinemagraphs!

We teamed up with talented Flixel Wizard, Jimmy Cheung. With Jimmy taking the lead and guiding our attendees on some best practices for shooting and creating cinemagraphs, everyone was ready to go create some dope living photos on their own.

Cinemagraph by John Kings Mark

Our new friends were able to use the beautiful sunset, the boats going in and out of the harbor, beautiful shadows with that golden-hour light and more, to create subtle and mesmerizing cinemagraphs on a Friday evening.

Flixel Walk in NYC _ Kids Playing

Flixel Walk in NYC - Creating Cinemagraphs

“The Flixel Walk was really fun”, said NYC based portrait photographer, Erik Ellingson. “It was cool to have that many people all working on brainstorming for cinemagraphs on the spot, and to have both Aaron and Jimmy there to ask questions and problem solve with was very helpful!”

With the gorgeous backdrop like no other, what we saw was an unfolding of our incredibly talented attendees bonding over their love for cinemagraphs and visual storytelling, (while creating some amazing content). It was an exciting thing for us to witness, and we can’t wait to host more meet-ups to connect with creators around the world.

Creating Cinemagraphs in NYC - Battery Park, Brooklyn

Shooting and Creating Cinemagraphs in NYC

Want to host a Flixel Walk in your home town?

Next stop… Lisbon, Portugal. More on that in the coming weeks! If you’d like to have a Flixel Walk in your city, let us know in the comments.

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