Toronto Parlour Spotlights the Art of Tattooing with Cinemagraphs on Facebook and Instagram

Black Widow Tattoo Immortalizes Your Stories

Small Businesses Create Better Facebook Ads

The best storytelling resonates with you; we’re talking skin deep. Black Widow Tattoo might take that a little more literally than most, swapping the pen for a needle and ink. A tattoo parlour located in Toronto, Canada, Black Widow specializes in single-needle tattooing, as well as photorealism, illustrative, black and grey, and American and Japanese traditional tattoos.

“ Our whole idea is to pretty much educate as much as we can, make the overall experience as easy and efficient for them. At the end of the day, we want to justify their piece. When they come to us, if there is something that has some sort of significance to them, that significance should mean just as much to us as it does them. They could go to any other shop, so we’re very thankful when they come to us.”

Jackson Trinh, Shop Manager, Black Widow Tattoo

Every client shares their own stories when they come to Black Widow, which is why their staff aims to provide the best experience for those clients.  If the tattoo has any sort of significance, the Black Widow team wants to make sure they value that significance every step of the way. From initial contact all the way to post-service, anyone who comes to the shop is educated, and receives an easy and efficient experience.

Small Businesses Create Better Facebook Ads By Using Cinemagraphs

Sharing those stories, along with the work of the team, is crucial for the shop. That’s why Instagram is a huge platform for Black Widow; it allows them to share visual references of their work, which helps to  organically grow their business. They often do so through still images that show the quality of the work, but also experiment with long form video to share a look into their clients’ lives. Black Widow hopes that with their storytelling, they can help remove the stigma behind tattoos, and celebrate the art of tattooing instead.

But long form video content can be time-consuming, and involve more production efforts. As Jackson shared, there’s a lot of strategizing behind that kind of video. But cinemagraphs are a midway point to both video and photo that give them more flexibility.

“When promoting or doing any advertising, you wanna be kind of on the ball at all times. I feel like cinemagraphs are very engaging. 1 or 2 seconds pausing on a photo kind of making you think, “Oh, what is it doing right now? Why is it moving but nothing else is?” can really be a deciding factor on whether a business can bring that client in. It’s really cool to have an app like Flixel that we can use on the spot.”

(Marketing Specialist at Flixel)

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