Neighbourhood Italian Restaurant Drives More Business with Cinemagraphs

Restaurant Uses Cinemagraphs on Facebook to Drive More Traffic

Italian restaurant Bugigattolo serves up authentic eats in the historic Liberty Village area of Toronto, Canada. Their menu, which includes hand-crafted pizzas, comforting, homemade soups, and delicious salads, reflects Southern Italian cuisine at its finest, and is a huge hit amongst local foodies. Looking to drive more customers to the restaurant, Bugigattolo explored using cinemagraphs on Facebook as ads. Emily O’Brian, Bugigattolo’s Social Media Manager shared,

“Nearly everyone has an iPhone. It’s really handy that you can make this really cool type of ad from the palm of your hand. With Flixel, we can upload them right through the Ads Manager, and it’s a really simplified process that we’re really grateful we discovered.”

Restaurants and other food businesses can use the power of cinemagraphs to share a deeper story about their products and space. Whether highlighting thick maple syrup pouring down on a stack of pancakes, or showing how guests can have a great time in your place of businesses, cinemagraphs depict what makes your small business so special with a subtle hint of motion.

What you have to do is think about the elements that make your products stand out. Is it the roaring fire that adds ambiance, or the dainty decor that gives it style? Is it the old-school recipes that involve careful preparation, passed down in the family, that give your food heart? What about the people who make your business feel like home to so many? Whatever it is, think about how those elements can be transformed into stories that connect your audience to what you offer. If you’re feeling inspired, take a look at the Flixel Food gallery. You’ll find everything steamy, baked, and delicious captured in a cinemagraph.

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