The Perfect Loop Episode 3: LinkedIn Video Ads, 2018 NBA Playoffs Marketing, and Lea Motion

The Perfect Loop Episode 3: Talking About 2018 NBA Playoffs Marketing, LinkedIn Video Ads, and an Interview with Lea Motion

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We can’t believe we’re already on our third episode of the Flixel podcast, but here we are! We have a jam-packed episode for you this month, which includes:

  • An interview with rising creator Lea Sabban aka Lea Motion
  • A look at LinkedIn video advertising and why B2B Marketers should pay more attention to the platform
  • A discussion on social media marketing during the NBA Playoffs and why micro-video content is so key to their content mix

Podcast host and Flixel CMO Robert Lendvai is joined by Cassandra King (Flixel Marketing Manager) and Aaron Paul (Marketing Specialist) to take a look at the latest news and insights on video advertising, social media marketing, and the world of cinemagraphs. In Episode 3, the team chats about LinkedIn advertising, why B2B Marketers should care, and the new auto-looping video feature our team spotted just last week that is about to change the LinkedInGame.

We’re also celebrating Cinemagraph Pro for iOS getting featured in the App Store as App of the Day in Germany, Canada, Australia, and beyond! Plus, the Flixel team is super excited because it is playoff fever in our hometown of Toronto. The Toronto Maple Leafs and the Toronto Raptors are battling it out during Round 1 of the playoffs. We’re tuned into their social media to find out the latest news – which got us asking: what do sports teams need to do to keep their audience engaged? We take take a look at the 2018 NBA Playoffs and how teams like the Toronto Raptors, are using micro-video content in their strategies.

Check out our conversation with Lea Motion, a filmmaker who has grown her Instagram following, and worked with Will Smith to create a cinemagraph for his water brand Just!

We first met Lea Sabban aka Lea Motion at our very first Flixel Walk in Brooklyn, New York back in 2016. Since then, we’ve seen Lea grow as a creative visual storyteller, making everything from cinemagraphs to stop motions to creating cinemagraph stop motions, and beyond. She is an incredibly talented filmmaker and specializes in creating fun and interesting micro-video content.

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Lea regularly shares her work on Instagram and has organically grown her following to over 10,000 people, which, in turn, has led to awesome collaborations with artist Shantell Martin, YouTuber Sam Sheffer, and producing a cinemagraph for Will Smith and Jaden Smith’s water brand, Just. She’s also an Ambassador for Joby, who make awesome mobile tripods! Lea joins us on the podcast to talk about what inspires her, her creative process, tips on growing an Instagram following, and how she got to work with the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air on a very cool content piece.

Show Notes

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