10 Cinemagraph Instagrammers You Should Be Following

Being a hub of creativity and community, Instagram has become our favorite go-to place to discover talented new creators and be inspired by their diverse visual storytelling. Cinemagraphs are the hottest new medium on the 500 million member strong photo-sharing network, with tons of amazing Instagrammers helping shape the photography and video industry. There’s no greater feeling than scrolling through your feed and coming across the perfect cinemagraph that instils a sense of calmness and excitement!

Here are a few of our favorite Instagrammers absolutely killing it with their incredible cinemagraphs!

Elle-May Leckenby

A video posted by Elle-May (@ellemayleckenby) on

With warm and moody tone cinemagraphs, Elle’s Instagram feed is a beautifully relaxing aesthetic.

Garrett King

A video posted by Garrett King (@shortstache) on

Garrett’s cinemagraphs consist of unique perspectives and stunning vibrant moving elements which will have you coming back for more.

How Far From Home

Having quit their 9-5,  travel duo Chanel and Stevo are constantly on the move, exploring the globe and capturing their crazy cool experiences through exciting cinemagraphs.

Jimmy Cheung

A video posted by Jimmy Cheung (@shangcheung) on

Jimmy’s work is a look into the simple everyday everythings, the often passed-by moments that we experience daily. Using the city that never sleeps as a consistent backdrop, Jimmy’s cinemagraphs bring New York City to life. 

Meagan Abell

Ever since being infatuated with the art of cinemagraphs in 2014, Meagan has been creating living photos that advocate as a powerful storytelling medium.

Deejay Forte

A video posted by Deejay Forte (@deejayforte) on

With mind boggling visual effects coupled with seamless looping cinemagraphs, Deejay’s Instagram feed is a one stop shop of creative genius.


Photography duo, Jess Schwarz & Tiago da Silva use their Instagram to exhibit their prowess as masters of the cinemagraph. Head over to check their thumb-stopping cinemagraphs.

Gareth Pon

A video posted by Gareth Pon (@garethpon) on

Gareth is a master at the art of patterns and unique perspectives. Add in a moving element, and you’ve got an Instagram account you can’t stop looking at.

Daniela Constantini

Daniela is a great example of visual storytelling through simplicity. With a vintage aesthetic, her feed is full of feel-good vibes.


A video posted by Ta-ku (@takubeats) on

Aside from an impressive career as a music producer, Ta-ku is also one of the most sought after cinemagraph creator for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Puma, VSCO and such. Ta-ku ‘bout talent!

Share your cinemagraphs using the hashtag ‘#Flixel’. We would love to see them!

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