Best Brand Cinemagraphs of September 2017

Whether you’re a small business working to gain more customers, or a professional photographer trying to up your Insta game, making your content stand out can be tough. With bounds and bounds of pretty travel pictures, top 10 articles, and cat memes floating around, catching someone’s attention online is becoming near impossible. (But seriously, cat memes > most other things)… That’s why brands are turning to the power of cinemagraphs in their social marketing and advertising strategies. It’s time to break through the clutter and show those cat memes you mean business!

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Every month we round up some of the best cinemagraphs used by top brands from around the globe. Food, fashion, automotive, you name it, businesses from all different sectors are now using cinemagraphs to draw attention and make money. So, in light of all of these incredible cinemagraphs we’ve seen throughout September 2017, I’m going to highlight just a few of our favourites!

Take a look at the amazing brand cinemagraphs changing marketing strategies around the world!

1. Nike Hong Kong: Time Lapse Cinemagraph

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This one by Nike Hong Kong combines both a time lapse and cinemagraph technique to create something unique. The two models in the foreground lean cooly against the railing, highlighting the Nike attire, while the bustling Hong Kong street scene adds some depth in the background and to the Nike story. This is what I like to call eye-catching!

2. Desjardins: Using Cinemagraphs on Websites


Cinemagraphs don’t only perform well on social media; they capture attention on websites, too. In fact, cinemagraphs have proven to outperform still photos on websites. We love how Desjardins used cinemagraphs on their website to get customers to click-through and learn more about the ways young adults can become more financially independent.

Check out 3 ways to use cinemagraphs on your website here by our friends at PageCloud.

3. Starbucks: Cinemagraph Surprise on Twitter

Starbucks is no stranger to digital storytelling in their content marketing or using social media to speak to their audience’s tastes directly (#PumpkinSpiceLatte). They’re definitely great at using micro-video content, including cinemagraphs, across all of their social platforms. This cinemagraph has the element of surprise. The motion is small, yet unexpected, easily capturing attention in a Twitter feed. By the way – Twitter now auto-plays and auto-loops videos under 6 seconds, which means the platform is a great place to share cinemagraphs!

And there you have it, folks! Three of the best brand cinemagraphs from the month of September. Check out what other brand cinemagraphs made the cut in our monthly roundup video below! And if we missed any, or if  you have any questions at all, let us know in the comments.

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