Create Cinemagraphs with Titles using Flixel and Adobe Post


We love using the Adobe apps with Cinemagraph Pro. We were among the first developers to tap into the power of the Adobe Creative SDK, adding integration between Cinemagraph Pro for iPhone and iPad in the December 2014 release. With the release of Adobe Post, we were naturally excited to see how this simple and effective tool could add to the Cinemagraph Pro workflow, as well as the manner in which artists create cinemagraphs.

Titles Made Easy

Not all of us are graphic designers or have a keen eye for typography. Creating titles that look ad-worthy is both time consuming and difficult. I’ll admit, I’ve had to tap into the creative talents of our Product Designer a few times. (Don’t worry, I repay him in chocolate). What makes Adobe Post so powerful is that you can create stunning titles in minutes! No joke. What would take hours for beginners in Adobe Photoshop, now takes a few clicks in Adobe Post– and it’s right on your phone or tablet.


After a few tests, I wanted to share the power with you, too. So, I decided to put a little tutorial together for our Flixel Community.

Taking an already finished cinemagraph by the talented creator, Daria Khoroshavina, I added a quick title to pull it all together. Not only is this great for photo ads and memes, but it’s an awesome tool for creating custom titles on your cinemagraphs.

To create cinemagraphs with titles, check out the tutorial below.

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