How Pro Photographers Combine Photoshop and Flixel for Great Results

Adobe Creative Cloud and Flixel Cinemagraph Pro

Adobe Creative Cloud Creatives around the world rely on Adobe apps and services. With the 2014 release of Creative Cloud, Adobe introduced improved versions of their desktop apps along with several new mobile apps.

These new connected Creative Cloud apps and services give you all the tools and assets you need to create amazing work across desktop and mobile devices. Now, with Flixel’s integration with Creative Cloud, and Behance support for Flixel HD and 4K cinemagraphs, creation with Flixel Cinemagraph Pro and Adobe apps like Photoshop and Premiere Pro is even better.

Save Hours or Even Days of Work with Cinemagraph Pro

As Adobe learned from their 2014 survey of 1,000 creative professionals, the need to “create more, at a faster speed” is the #1 concern of their community. Flixel Cinemagraph Pro has always been the the fastest and easiest way to create high-quality cinemagraphs. What used to take hours or even days, can now be accomplished in minutes with Cinemagraph Pro. Unlike Beck and Burg, the NYC-based photographers that are synonymous with cinemagraph ads for top fashion brands, most creatives just don’t have the luxury of spending a few weeks in production on a cinemagraph.

By, Giulio Sciorio

With Cinemagraph Pro’s Creative Cloud integration, creatives can easily work between Photoshop for image adjustments and technical touchups, and Cinemagraph Pro for the creation of their living photos. “My workflow depends on Adobe Creative Cloud and Flixel Cinemagraph Pro, ” said Guilio Sciorio from “Being able to move my work easily to and from Creative Cloud ensures a smooth and elegant workflow which is what I’ve become accustomed to working with Cinemagraph Pro from day one. The process of using Cinemagraph Pro with Creative Cloud is not only effective but fun.”

Flixel Cinemagraph Pro and Adobe Creative SDK

ccconnected_badge Flixel was among the first developers to tap the power of the Adobe Creative SDK and added integration between Cinemagraph Pro for iPhone and iPad in the December 2014 release of  version 3.0 the app. “We are thrilled that our community of users can now leverage the many benefits that Adobe’s Creative SDK provides with Cinemagraph Pro, ” said Flixel CEO Philippe Leblanc. “Our fast-growing community of Flixographers can now easily make their cinemagraphs stand out with text overlays, lighting, blur, sharpness, drawings and many other amazing effects.” Flixel plans to continue to update both Cinemagraph Pro as new features are enabled with Adobe Creative SDK.

Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for iOS, Adobe SDK

Flixel Cinemagraph Pro in Adobe Creative SDK featured apps

Behance Now Supports HD Cinemagraphs and Flixel iFrame

Like Creative Cloud, Behance is an integral part of the Adobe creative community and is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work. Just last week, Behance added support for the Flixel iFrame. This enables creatives using Flixel to post their cinemagraphs to Behance in full HD resolution and avoids the need to degrade their work as a poor-quality GIF. Flixel Cinemagraphs will now display on Behance in millions of colours at the quality originally envisioned by the creator.

“As a professional photographer, how I display my work plays a key role in finding new clients. Showing my cinemagraphs as animated GIF’s degrades my photography which negatively impacts the overall vision I set out to create. Now that I can embed my Flixels directly into Behance I’m able to show my work the way it was intended, with fluid motion and rich color. My work on Behance will now be viewed as a true living photo. I love how when I create a gallery on Behance powered by Flixel Cloud, both my Prosite and Behance Portfolio app for iOS are also updated. I’m excited at the possibilities!”- Giulio Sciorio
Flixel Cinemagraph Pro user, Giulio Sciorio's Behance

Check out Giulio’s full Flixel Behance project here.

For Behance user and cinemagraph creator Petra Å vajger, being able to use the Flixel iFrame is an important alternative to using a GIF. “The first and most important thing about the Flixel iFrame is that you get to keep all the colours and quality. The second important thing is that it starts working right away, and like GIF, it loops forever. Once you’re finished with the cinemagraph you don’t have to convert it to a GIF and resize it for Behance, you just simply click upload and then copy the code. Another good thing about the Flixel iFrame is that you can click on a cinemagraph to see if full-screen. You can’t do with GIFs.”
 Flixel Cinemagraph Pro user, Petra Å vajger's Behance

Check out Petra’s newest Flixel Behance project here.

With Adobe and Flixel Anything is Now Possible

We’re excited about the possibilities that are enabled with the integration of Cinemagraph Pro and Adobe Creative Cloud. Our goal is to provide tools for magical visual storytelling and we can’t wait to see what the Adobe and Flixel communities create.

By, Petra Å vajger

For Petra and many other Flixel creators, Adobe Creative Cloud allows her to easily move documents, gives her more options with editing, therefore “bringing your work to the level you want it to be. While Cinemagraph Pro is specialised for making cinemagraphs, it may not be made for editing still images, that’s why it is awesome to have the option to easily export the image, retouch, crop or edit it in any other program, such as Photoshop, and then simply drop it back again to Cinemagraph Pro.”

(Flixel Marketing Manager)

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