Introducing the First Flixel Wizard: Pro-Photographer Lindsay Adler

We’ve searched the globe for a team of wizards to help share our passion for cinemagraphs. Why do we call them wizards? Well if you’ve ever made a living photo with Cinemagraph Pro for Mac or iOS, you know how magical the experience really can be. That, and we also happen to love Harry Potter.


The fast-growing Flixel Community includes thousands of talented photographers, videographers, marketers and artists. Each each day they create and share memorizing images that help cinemagraphs grow as an exciting new medium. With so many talented creators in the Flixel Community, how do we choose just a handful to help build awareness for Flixel and our award-winning apps?

To help us find these unique individuals, we created a profile for this type of person; a wizard who can wield their wand and spread the magic. A Flixel Wizard is someone who: sees the value in educating new photographers, has a strong community and large reach on social media, engages and interacts with their followers, has a unique photographic style, and lastly, creates stunning cinemagraphs.

We’re thrilled to announce our very first Flixel Wizard, the extremely talented, kind hearted, and magical, Lindsay Adler.


1. So, tell me about how you got started in photography. A brief intro into how you became the pro photographer you are today.

I began photography in my early teens as a way to share time with my mother and grandmother who were both hobbyist photographers. I quickly discovered my passion for photography, and began to devour as much information as possible– workshops, books, classes, videos… whatever I could get my hands on.

By age 15 I knew that photography was going to be my career, so I started my first portrait photography business with the help of my  mother. I began by photographing high school seniors, weddings and families. When I went to college for business and photography at Syracuse University, I discovered the art of fashion photography and instantly fell in love. I then devoted my time to developing a fashion portfolio, learning about the field and building contacts in New York City while still working out of upstate NY.

Currently more than 15 years into being a professional photographer, I consider myself an image maker. I shoot advertising campaigns, cinemagraphs, fashion films and more. I have my own studio in Chelsea where I bring the beauty in my head to life and help clients reach their visual and marketing goals.

I’m an author of 4 books, a photo educator, and have taught to passionate photographers all over the world from NY, to London, Dubai and more.

2. What inspires your work and teaching?

When I teach, I always create classes that I wish existed for me when I was learning photography. I spent a great deal of time honing my craft and becoming more talented in my passion. If I can help people achieve their goals and embrace their passion more quickly, then I’m doing something right! I’m inspired by the ability to help people enjoy their lives and passions more thoroughly!

As an image maker I am constantly being inspired by so many different sources from cinema, to other photographers, to fashion designers, to classical art. I am inspired by graphic design and bold colors that demand my attention.

3. Describe yourself in one sentence.

I’m a teacher, author, photographer and artist who is passionate about creating beauty and sharing knowledge of her craft.

4. When did you first notice cinemagraphs, and what sparked your interest in the medium?

I’ve been creating cinemagraphs for about 5 years. I first discovered their engagement when I moved to NYC, and actually created a series for my first editorial in ZINK magazine. I loved the way they demand attention and make you look at an image twice. In a world with so much visual noise, it was yet another way to differentiate myself!

Take a look at Lindsay’s extensive FREE cinemagraph tutorial here.

5. Pick two of your favourite cinemagraphs that you’ve created. Why are they your favourites?

I loved the subtle and surreal movement of Sleeping Beauty, in addition to the beautiful model and set. Everything worked together to give the impression of a beautiful dream world coming to life. The movement of the flowers is subtle and calming, combined with the subject opening her eyes to draw attention to the fact that the image really is ‘alive’.

The beautiful set we created with balloons creates a surreal environment for my subject to exist it. As a still, it stands alone as being intriguing. Once we’ve introduced subtle moment in the frame, you cannot look away.

Check out Lindsay’s behind the scenes video for these stunning cinemagraphs:

6. Where do you see the future of cinemagraphs headed? How do you plan on incorporating them into your business?

I’ve seen cinemagraphs building steam over the last 5 years, and now it seems like full-steam ahead! I’ve seen them popping up on Facebook, Instagram, billboards, digital magazine covers, banner ads… everywhere.

I expect to see cinemagraphs become a mainstream form of advertising and image-making. I know that I will be offering them as a service and value-added option for my clients. It is one more thing that I can use to set me apart from the competition and to help my clients do the same.

7. You’ve had the chance to do some commission work creating cinemagraphs, can you talk to us about that experience?

I’ve had the opportunity to be hired by some of the biggest names in media to create cinemagraphs. I was recently hired by Flixel and A&E to help create living photos as part of an A&E upfront event where I was able to create an extremely high-end cinemagraph photo booth and experience around the theme of the TV show “Bates Motel”. In fact, I was even able to photograph the cast of the show in the incredible set that was built.

It was incredible to be part of such an exclusive event, and to see the excitement created by what we were creating.

To read more about my experiences and see sample cinemagraphs, check it out here:

Final thoughts: 

I do not just consider myself a photographer. I am an image maker. I help clients to bring their ideas and goals to life through visuals I create, whether still, moving or hybrid. I love the challenges of using my bold and graphic style to stop an audience and make them look twice.

(Flixel Marketing Manager)

When Cassandra was six, she was asked to share a story with her class…and hasn’t stopped telling them since. Now she does so through photography, video and writing, but with the same sense of wonder - and love for glitter - as her inner kid.


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