Start Making Money from Cinemagraphs

Creating cinemagraphs is incredibly easy in Cinemagraph Pro. You no longer have to spend hours in post production, tirelessly editing and animating your video. Hopefully by now you’ve tried creating one yourself and have seen how captivating the medium can be.

By Sweatengine

Helping you make money from your cinemagraph work is one of our biggest focuses at Flixel. While cinemagraphs continue to gain popularity as a new medium, the more business opportunities begin to arise. As digital marketers all compete for our attention with banner ads, social media campaigns, digital displays and websites, cinemagraphs are proving to be a highly effective visual medium that can transfix an audience and hold attention for far longer than a still photo. And, while videos can be a great way to get a message out, they are often too incessant and too busy for the average viewer to stay focused on.

Cinemagraphs are continuing to evolve and find their place in the mainstream market, and we want our Flixel community to be the first ones succeeding and making money from their living photo creations. So, we compiled a list–we love lists–of the top 4 ways to start making money from cinemagraphs.

1. Social Media

People and brands love to share visual content on social media. The more likes and engagement, the better. Cinemagraphs are small but mighty pieces of video content. Small in the sense that it can take minutes to create one, but mighty because they pack a punch on social. Imagine you’re scrolling through your feed on Instagram, you’re bombarded by images of babies, weddings, and the occasional hamburger, until, some subtle motion catches your eye. The baby blinks, her wedding dress flutters, and steam rises off of that juicy hamburger. Now, you’re engaged; you’re watching, and trying to find the motion.

Be it portrait and wedding photography, or digital advertising, cinemagraphs bring life to a social feed. It’s a great place to market your cinemagraphs and for your clients to share their own. Simply export out a looped version (there are suggested repetition lengths in the app), and upload natively to the social platform. Sit back and watch the likes roll in.

By Mario Sahe-Lacheante

2. Digital Marketing

You could be a videographer trying to market your own business, or a marketing agency looking to add some variety to a clients digital presence. Whichever the case, cinemagraphs are the ideal digital advertising medium. Here’s how you can incorporate them into your marketing campaign:

a) Email Campaigns

Email continues to play a key role in marketing strategies. Every email marketer looks for ways to improve campaigns and drive deeper engagement through the use of design, images, and copy. A popular trend is to add in small looping animated GIFs to catch the readers attention. As recipients of many email newsletters, this can often be too much. Subtlety is the key to success here, and it comes in the form of cinemagraphs.

b) Social Media (described in tip #1)

Social media plays a huge role in digital marketing. With the popularity of networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Tumblr, use cinemagraphs to stand out from the crowd.

c) Digital Displays

Walk around the streets of Toronto, NYC, the airport, or a mall and you’re bound to come across digital displays. Some will be playing videos, others still photos, and people will walk by without a second glance. We are so used to being bombarded by ads that we have trained our minds to simply block it out. Throw a cinemagraph onto a digital display or projection, and then watch what happens. There are cinemagraphs playing TODAY in cities across the world, including the epic Times Square. It’s a great time to be creating cinemagraphs.

d) Websites

Spice up a website with some eye catching content. With our Flixel embed code, displaying cinemagraphs on websites is simple and effective. Our embed code works just like a YouTube embed, but, it enables HD auto-loop and auto-play functions while making your cinemagraphs look fantastic on any device and in any browser.

e) Online Advertising

Cinemagraph ads from the World’s leading brands have been popping up all over social media. Companies like Starbucks, Ikea, and Mercedes have been testing out the new medium and seeing staggering results.


And we can’t forget about banner ads: those annoying little blocks that show up on the sides, at the top, on the bottom and in the middle of our screens. What if we told you that cinemagraph banner ads drive 5.6x more CTRs on average than still images. The facts don’t lie..

3. Cinemagraph Photo Booth

Trust us, cinemagraph photo booths are HOT right now. Brands and clients are looking for creators like yourself to make their event a memorable one. We’ve created cinemagraph booths for companies like Facebook, Instagram, Mashable, HBO, Marriott, TED, and the list goes on. This market is saturated with standard photo booths, and people are looking for something different; something unique that their party-goers can engage with and share on social. Instead of printing out a photo, create a cinemagraph and send the short looping video to each attendee. People will be jumping in-line to have more created!

4. Stock Cinemagraphs

You may already be a stock photographer or videographer… why not add cinemagraphs to your stock repertoire? Cinemagraphs are shared as videos, or can be made into GIFs from the video file. Brands are constantly looking for fresh and innovative content to share–and cinemagraphs are the perfect fit. Highly engaging pieces of visual content, now easy to create with Cinemagraph Pro.

Start making money from cinemagraphs

Our products were designed to make cinemagraph creation fast, fun, and incredibly easy. To help give you some confidence, check out our case studies with businesses of all sizes, showcasing the positive effects of using cinemagraphs in digital marketing campaigns. Whether you’re a photographer, videographer, small business, or marketer… incorporating cinemagraphs into your business will help you and your clients not only succeed, but stand out from the crowd.

(Flixel Marketing Manager)

When Cassandra was six, she was asked to share a story with her class…and hasn’t stopped telling them since. Now she does so through photography, video and writing, but with the same sense of wonder - and love for glitter - as her inner kid.


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