Flixel Wizard: Giulio Sciorio

Giulio Sciorio is a talented photographer and visual artist based out of the USA. Lumix Luminary, photographer, educator, social media personality, and now Flixel Wizard, Giulio’s vision is to demonstrate how embracing new technology can transform and enrich visual art in the age of screens.

A powerful innovator, let’s find out more about how Giulio got into photography, and where he sees the future of cinemagraphs headed.

1. Tell me about how you got started in photography. A brief intro into how you became the pro photographer you are today.

I discovered photography when a close friend was killed in a tragic auto accident. I inherited his camera and while mourning his death realized we never had a single photo together. It was this moment I discovered the power of photography.


2. What inspires your work? How have you shaped the hybrid photography space for other creators?

Life inspires art. As a boy I was heavy into video games and so my earliest work had bold colors, expressive angles and overall was visually aggressive. Now though I’m transitioning into a new realm of creating photography where I’m deeply inspired by silence. I’m not there yet. Not sure if I’ll ever be but it’s an interesting process, that is to say, what inspiration I consume vs what inspires action.

I think in the future looking back I’ll know better how I shaped hybrid photography and all that encompasses the blending of still, motion & sound for photographers. Through the workshops and other in person events I lead I hope that photographers can truly understand whats happening with photography which is blending into one with video.

3. Describe yourself in one sentence.

I live to create and inspire others to create.

4. When did you first notice cinemagraphs, and what sparked your interest in the medium?

I began blending video and still photography together since 2009. These were more or less video portraits, I called them motos for short and they helped me grow my business in a down economy.

Upon completing some motos I wanted to simplify the concept so when I first saw what we today consider cinemagraphs I found the answer. I think for me cinemagraphs are an elegant way to incorporate video into photography while not spending 14+ hours in post. 😉

5. Where do you see the future of cinemagraphs headed?

This is a fun question because to me the future is here, it’s been here for years and yet some photographers I talk to don’t really get it. If I were to ask to see your work in person how would you show me? Most likely it would be on your smartphone. The number one device for media consumption in the history of the world is the smart phone. Let that sink in for a moment…

A modern professional camera like the GH4 records still, video and sound. A smart phone has a screen to display still and video media, a speaker to broadcast sound. Why are commercial photographers not creating content that is optimized for smart phones? With a cinemagraph we can expand the photo to show subtle motion…we can see a photo come alive. We should be thinking about what our photos sound like next.

6. Pick two of your favourite cinemagraphs that you’ve created. Why are they your favourites?

This one above is more of living photo than cinemagraph but we should not limit ourselves to use Cinemagraph Pro just to isolate one area of motion. This piece was created with a GH4 shooting through a vintage kaleidoscope lens I found on ebay.

I created this piece for my friends wedding. I’m not a wedding photographer but they asked that I only create animated pieces for their wedding. Plus they’re my friends and I love them. How could I say no? Besides being a beautiful image of love this cinemagraph is a loop within a loop.

7. Provide one tip for new creators getting into cinemagraphs.

Every good cinemagraph should be rooted in a photograph. The image must have a good photo-soul first, then make that beautiful photo come alive with a bit of motion.

Any last words on the Flixel Wizards Program?

I’m honored to be making my relationship with Flixel official and am happy to continue shape the future of photography.
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