Flixel Names Top 10 Cinemagraphs of 2014

2014 was a great year for Flixel and we are honored to have received so many awards and recognitions. It’s been a whirlwind of exciting news, but in the midst of it all, we have’t forgotten about you. Telling stories and engaging audiences, it’s you guys – the photographers, videographers, marketers and creatives – that should be celebrated. Your work inspire us each and every day, and that’s why we’re excited to share our top 10 cinemagraphs of 2014.

After many hours spent scouring through the thousands of stunning cinemagraphs uploaded to Flixel.com this year, we’ve (just barely) managed to compile a short list of our favourites.

Click each cinemagraph to see it full-screen and in stunning HD quality.

We’re Excited to Present the Top 10 Cinemagraphs of 2014:

#1: Lisbon Bridge Series: Ixhumni, Flixographer of the Year

#2: Marilyn Monroe- “Seven Year Itch” 60th Anniversary: Marilyn Monroe. Original photo by Sam Shaw; cinemagraph by Flixel Photos and ADC Digital.

#3: Breathtaking airtime above Banff, Alberta: Travel Alberta

#4: Antoine: Tracey Lee

#5: Street: Eric Ooi

#6: San Francisco Bridge: Arnaud Muller

#7: Basketball: James Schmelzer


#8: Camera: Eric Ooi

#9: Marni and Oren, South Beach, Florida: Giulio Sciorio

#10: Columbia Icefield in Jasper National Park, Alberta: Travel Alberta

Thanks for all of the amazing cinemagraphs uploaded to Flixel.com this year. To see hundreds of other amazing cinemagraphs please visit our showcase at flixel.com/cinemagraphs


The Flixel Team

(Flixel Marketing Manager)

When Cassandra was six, she was asked to share a story with her class…and hasn’t stopped telling them since. Now she does so through photography, video and writing, but with the same sense of wonder - and love for glitter - as her inner kid.


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