Flixel Creates Holiday Cinemagraphs from Hootsuite Owl

Snoopy the Hootsuite Owl Brought to Life in Cinemagraph Series For Real-Time Marketing Case Study

Our friends at Hootsuite HQ in Vancouver rolled out a very fun holiday video that features their owl mascot. Here’s how they explained it:

“For the holidays we wanted to do our own take on the popular yule log videos. This is Hootsuite’s Holiday Owl, 40 minutes of pure, cute, heart-warming Holiday owl perched by a roaring fire.”

The minute we saw the video we knew — this was meant to be a cinemagraph. Or better still, a series of beautiful cinemagraphs. So using Cinemagraph Pro for Mac, we quickly and easily created four living photos of Snoopy. From start to finish the whole process took us less than 30 minutes. That’s the power of using Flixel to create HD quality living photos.

So why did we do this?

  1. Well who doesn’t love a cute little owl – seriously. Who doesn’t? And of course we use and love Hootsuite.
  2. Real-time marketing – we wanted to show-off just how easy it is to take existing video and repurpose it as a series of cinemagraphs that can be shared instantly on social media or online ads. From idea to final cinemagraphs, this entire project took well under an hour.
  3. Drive traffic – informal studies show that social media and online ads that use cinemagraphs enjoy 5x more clicks than those that use a still image. Wouldn’t you want that for your business?
  4. Storytelling – digital marketing is all about brands telling great stories. While a 40 minute video of an owl sitting in front of a fireplace is cool, our friends at Hootsuite could have had the same impact with a cinemagraph. After all, a cinemagraph is really just a short, HD quality looping video done really, really well.

You can see all of our #holidayowl cinemagraphs here. Feel free to share them with everyone in the world – especially other Hootsuite users. And be sure to download a Mac screensaver we made from all of the Hootsuite Owl cinemagraphs. We had a lot of fun putting it together.

Happy Holidays from The Flixel Team.



(Chief Marketing Officer)

Robert eats, sleeps and snores cinemagraphs while leading the Flixel Marketing Team. He stands at work but spends an awful lot of time seated on his road bike.


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