Here's How to Become a Flixel Affiliate Partner

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Love creating and sharing cinemagraphs? It’s time to spread the love! Help us share the story of cinemagraphs and be an advocate for the thumb-stopping visual medium, and get paid while doing so! Introducing, the Flixel Affiliate program.

Promote the Flixel Cloud Web+Apps Plan which includes Cinemagraph Pro for macOS and iOS, Persecond for macOS and 1TB of storage and hosting on Flixel Cloud, to earn attractive commissions!

Follow these steps to become a Flixel affiliate:

6 Easy Steps

1. Create your affiliate account here.

2. Sign in to with the account you just created. This is where you can access and alter your account settings.

3. To set up your payout settings, click on Checkout in the lefthand menu.

  1. Select Transfers, then Transfer Preferences in the top menu.
  2. Complete the full profile under Transfer Preferences. Set your payout settings to bank transfer or PayPal. Fill in your financial account details as required.
  3. We recommend setting your Payout Threshold to a minimum of $100. Paddle charges transfer fees for every payout transaction, so a higher Payout Threshold allows you to receive more in one transaction without the transfer fee impacting your payout as it would with a lower Payout Threshold.
  4. When you have completed this page, select Save Payout Settings.

4. To get your link, go to Affiliates, and switch over to the Affiliate mode in the top right corner. Find your unique Flixel Affiliate link under Links & Offers.

5. Promote your link to your friends and followers and ask them to use the coupon code ‘FLIXELTEN’ at checkout!

6. You’re all set! Start sharing your Affiliate link wherever you’d like.

Make the Most of Your Flixel Affiliate Experience

Cinemagraph by CaptivCreative

Keep Creating and Sharing Cinemagraphs

The more cinemagraphs you create and share, the more you’ll be able to grow an audience and inspire your followers with the mesmerizing power of cinemagraph storytelling. Share your cinemagraphs across your social channels, and embed your work on your website and blog using the customized Flixel iFrame. Promoting Your Affiliate Link Once you have your unique Flixel Affiliate link, you need to promote it. Here are a few tips to help you get started: Talk about Flixel and

Promote Your Affiliate Link

Once you have your unique Flixel Affiliate link, you need to promote it. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Talk about Flixel and cinemagraphs- Share your love for cinemagraphs by talking about them! Create a blog or video about cinemagraphs (think tutorials, tips, behind-the-scenes, etc) and share your Affiliate link with it.

Share the link on your social channels- Your link can live and be shared across your social channels. Tweet it, post it, add it as a caption or in the description, or even use it as your profile website.

Tell your friends and family-. Word of mouth is a powerful way to promote yourself. Tap into your inner circle of supporters and let them know about your awesome visual storytelling. You never know who else might be interested in living photos!

Customize Your Link

Put your own personal brand on your Flixel Affiliate link by customizing it. You can use a service like Google URL Shortener or to add in a unique title that will shorten your link, make it easily shareable, and stand out.

Promotional Assets

Use these image assets to promote your Flixel Affiliate link on your social channels and website.

Social Sharing Asset & Website Banner

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