Cinemagraphers take London by Storm

London Calling

Our Flixel Community has no borders. From Beijing to Vancouver, cinemagraphers from across the globe create stunning living photos with Flixel Cinemagraph Pro.

One city that has been on fire lately is London. Not only does London contain beautiful architecture and streets bustling with cinemagraph possibilities… but also a cohort of incredibly talented Flixel cinemagraph and timelapse creators.

Charles Gervais

By, Charles Gervais

“London is an endless source of inspiration: around every corner is a famous view challenging you for a new interpretation. Walk around another corner, and you’ve got an obscure Victorian alleyway which you can shoot in an entirely different way. You want dense crowds? The right time of day and in the right place, you’ve got it. You want a wide open space with almost no people? Can do, there’s tons to choose from. Even woodlands, right in the city! London is over 2000 years old, and it’s still changing and growing. Amazing place.” –Charles Gervais

By, Charles Gervais

“I’m originally from Canada and I didn’t realise, when I moved here 16 years ago, how high London and the UK are on the globe. This means that we have long summer days, and quite short winter ones. Fantastic for when I’m looking to shoot the sun rising in the winter: I can get up hours later than I have to in the summer! And summer days are uniformly bright for hours and hours, great for those daytime timelapses. And it just so happens that winter sunrises align quite nicely with many London landmarks (Tower Bridge especially), so I just have to go into full-Canadian-mode and bundle up in numerous layers, get up at 3am and head to just the right spot. Voila, sunrise timelapse! (as long as the weather cooperates, of course).” –Charles Gervais

Ronya Galka

By, Ronya Galka

From iconic timelapses, to a captivating cinemagraphs, our community captures the life and the essence of London beautifully. The living photo above was Ronya’s first Flixel cinemagraph. She instantly understood the power of subtlety. Though rain is often seen as sad and dreary, Ronya offers a different perception. This mesmerizing cinemagraph tells a story about London, and the serenity of grey skies on a rainy day.

By, Ronya Galka

Busy streets become eerily still, focusing in on the reflection of a cab passing by. There are so many ways you can approach and execute a cinemagraph, and it’s incredible to see the way each individual has their own creative touch. Ronya, with her subtle motion, grey hues, and soft focus, while Charles’ cinemagraphs often display rapid movement, bright colours and crisp focus.

Ronya and Charles aren’t the only Flixel creators that we’ve got our eye on. Though new to the game, Mario SL has one of the largest bodies of work on, and his cinemagraphs only continue to improve the more he works with the app.

Mario Sahe-Lacheante

By, Mario SL

“Cinemagraphs are an intriguing new form of expression for me. I come from a filming background rather than the photographic angle people associate with them, and have had a blast exploring the possibilities. I’m usually a lazy and strict creative; I’ll work very hard on a day that I’m shooting, but I don’t normally just go out and film or photograph stuff unless I have the right talent, light, location, story or subject matter, and I also get bored quickly, so I tend not to just shoot anything and everything for the sake of it. Cinemagraphs have challenged me on this, as I’m now constantly on the lookout for new opportunities to capture moments that have only ever lived in film or still photography.” –Mario SL

By, Mario SL

“The best cinemagraphs for me, regardless of subject matter, are the ones that seem like a perfect moment that carries on living effortlessly – but I’ve learned that those are the ones that take the most effort and finesse to accomplish. It’s a fun challenge, and I hope to keep on perfecting it through a variety of different applications for cinemagraphs.” –Mario SL

If you’re a Flixel cinemagraph creator in London, shoot us a line. We love to connect with our community and feature your work!

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