Update: Cinemagraph Pro for Mac 1.1.1 Released

Living photo by @acoury

Cinemagraph Pro for Mac: Update 1.1.1

A new update has arrived for Cinemagraph Pro for Mac. Update 1.1.1 has been released for direct download  at flixel.com, and is now available for download on the Mac App Store. The update includes the following enhancements:

  • Button to copy the Embed Code upon upload completion

  • Text fields next to sliders are now editable

Update also includes:

  • Frame Step menus to move one frame at a time
  • Crossfade slider on the Loop tools
  • Enable the Nudge menus in all modes
  • The Nudge popover can be accessed via a left-click; also, it remains stationary
  • Revert to Saved correctly reverts Adjustments and Effects
  • The document window now has an inactive appearance, and playback is automatically paused in inactive windows
  • The document window size doesn’t change when the mode is changed
  • The toolbar icons are improved and the toolbar itself has a gradient
  • The playhead and the still frame menu button are more visible
  • The Effects thumbnails have a shadow, and there’s less wasted space in the list

Living photo by @inscriptionet

Living photo by @pastenes


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