Meet Cinemagraph Pro 2 for macOS | Our Best Release Ever

Since the launch of Cinemagraph Pro for macOS in April 2014, Flixel has worked tirelessly to find new ways to delight our fast-growing community of artists with software tools and web services that empower the cinemagraph creation process and help bring living photos to the mainstream.

Winning a much coveted 2014 Apple Design Award with our initial release, enabled us to evangelize the cinemagraph medium to photographers, digital marketers and leading brands around the world.

Today, the Flixel Community has thousands of members and touches every continent with enthusiastic and highly engaged users. More importantly, the 500,000+ cinemagraphs created and shared by the Flixel Community demonstrates to the world that cinemagraphs have taken their place alongside photography and video as the next great visual medium.

In turn, we used our community’s feedback to improve Cinemagraph Pro with features and integrations with key partners like Adobe that improve workflows and enable many new ways to create and use cinemagraphs. We also launched Flixel Cloud ― the only purpose-built platform for hosting and streaming cinemagraphs in stunning HD. We are proud of our evolution and all that we as a community have accomplished together; now, we are ready to welcome the evolution of the medium with Cinemagraph Pro 2 for macOS.

Introducing Cinemagraph Pro 2 for macOS

Flixel Cinemagraph Pro 2

Flixel is super excited to reveal Cinemagraph Pro 2 for macOS. This is our biggest and best release ever. We took the top-selling, pro-level cinemagraph creation tool and updated it with a fresh new interface and advanced video editing tools that we know our community will love.

What’s New in Cinemagraph Pro 2 for macOS?

New user interface makes editing faster and easier than ever.

Cinemagraphs have always been ridiculously easy, fast and fun to create with Cinemagraph Pro. With Cinemagraph Pro 2, we’ve made creation even faster with a brand new interface that unifies all editing modes. You now Mask, Trim, Loop and apply Presets to your cinemagraphs all within the same mode. You’ll be amazed at how this improves your workflow and saves you time.

Powerful new video transformations that enable cinemagraphs of different shapes and sizes

Cinemagraph Pro 2 offers key video transformations including zoom, flip, straighten and our most requested feature ― crop. You can now easily create cinemagraphs of all shapes and sizes for ads, web, social media, digital displays, television and more.

Precise color adjustments with a new tone curve

With new tone curve colour adjustment options, Cinemagraph Pro 2 eliminates the need to use other video editing tools. Easily adjust blacks, shadows, highlights and more to quickly create the perfect look and feel for your cinemagraphs.

Turbocharge editing with adjustable presets

We updated Cinemagraph Pro 2 with a great new presets for styling your cinemagraphs. And now, you can save even more time by creating and saving your own presets for instant use.

10X More Flixel embeds for sharing your cinemagraphs on websites and blogs

Cinemagraphs are one of the hottest trends in web design. Now you can share your cinemagraphs with thousands more. We’ve increased the number of HD embeds included with Flixel Cloud memberships from 10,000 per month to 100,000 per month. That’s 1.2 million included views per year.

These new changes are just the beginning. Cinemagraph Pro 2 will continue to quickly evolve with regular updates. With many of the features you’ve been asking us for.

If you have a Flixel Cloud Web+Apps membership, the upgrade to Cinemagraph Pro 2 is FREE. If you bought a license for Cinemagraph Pro, you can purchase an upgrade for only $99/USD.

We hope you like it. Let us know what you think…

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