New Crop and Tone Curve Features in Cinemagraph Pro for iOS

Welcome to Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for iOS V5.2

When we introduced the magic of creating cinemagraphs on the iPhone in 2012, we had a feeling that creation experiences on mobile devices were going to become even more important. Over the years, with our hunch confirmed, Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for iOS evolved so that it could empower creators and storytellers to tell more vivid visual stories on-the-go with Apple’s powerful iPhone and iPad devices. We even made features from Cinemagraph Pro for macOS available on our iOS app so that users could take their powerful cinemagraph studio with them everywhere.

In late 2016, we released Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for macOS Version 2.0. Our community fell in love with the fresh interface and advanced editing tools that help them to create even more mesmerizing cinemagraph stories. And now, we’re bringing some of those new features to take your mobile cinemagraph production to the next level.

Adding More Power to Your Mobile Cinemagraph Studio

Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for iOS Version 5.2 now includes brand new transformation options, including crop and tone curve adjustments, so you can shoot, edit, and export high quality, perfectly looped cinemagraphs all from the palm of your hand.

Create cinemagraphs that are the perfect fit with new transformation options

We brought new transformation options, including straighten and the most requested feature – the crop function – to Cinemagraph Pro for iOS. You can now create cinemagraphs that are the perfect fit for your social media, digital ads, websites, displays, and more.

Advanced colour correcting at your fingertips with tone curve adjustments

With new tone curve colour adjustment options, we’ve advanced cinemagraph editing in Cinemagraph Pro for iOS. You can now create the perfect look and feel for your cinemagraphs at your fingertips. Easily adjust blacks, shadows, highlights, and more without the need of other video editing tools.

We’re so excited to share these updates with you and give you a fully equipped cinemagraph studio that lives in your pocket. We even created a brand new tutorial series to help you get started with Cinemagraph Pro for iOS. You’ll learn how to use the new crop and tone curve adjustments features. Watch the first tutorial in this series below, and check out the Intermediate and Advanced tutorials here.

Want to create cinemagraphs on your iPhone or iPad? Download Flixel Cinemagraph Pro for iOS here.

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  1. I am new using the app. I have the Pro version but most of my time will be using the iOS app. I found that after I improved my fixed photo (sharpness, colour, etc) at photoshop and then importing it, is is notorious the colour change between the fixed part and the moving part of the cinemagraph: how do I handle that ALL the cinemagraphs can look the same?

    • Hi Roberto, this is a common mistake. If you change the colour/tones on the still image and not the video, of course there will be a clear difference when you try and blend the two together. We recommend colour correcting the entire video either in our app, or in another app, to keep the colour consistent. You can do additional editing to the still image (such as softening skin, adding sharpness, etc) just don't try and play with the colour! :)

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