Photographer Kevin Kwan Captures Kevin Hart in Cinemagraphs

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to hang out with the outrageously funny, and super talented, Kevin Hart? Well for one lucky photographer, spending his days with the hardest working comic in the world is a job.  We’ve got the inside scoop, plus some really awesome cinemagraphs of Kevin Hart created by his personal photographer and friend, Kevin Kwan. Hear about Kwan’s passion for photography, and how he got to be the globe-trotting photographer he is today.

Tell me a bit about yourself. How did you get into photography?

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, and moved to Tucson Arizona when I was 17. I’ve loved photography since I was young, and enjoyed taking photos of people, friends, and families.

“I was always the photographer among my friends.”


Right outta high school in Tucson, I opened up the Yellow Pages and called the biggest Ad that there was and asked for a job. I remember the guy said, “Well, people come to my studio for me to photograph them, and even though your photos are better then mine, they come here for me, so we don’t have a photographer position. But… you can come for a free internship to see what you can learn.” That’s how it all started.

What equipment do you use?

Right now my favorite portrait camera would be the Sony A7R2, video i am mostly using Panasonic GH4, and for fast action I use the Canon 1D.

How did you first learn about cinemagraphs?

I’m a big Drake fan, and I saw an Instagram post of him on the cover of Fader magazine, with a cup of tea on the side. Instead of just a regular still photo, the tea was swirling around in the cup. I thought it was so cool, and ended up looking into what a cinemagraph is. I found your software, and since then, have been using it to create cinemagraphs of Kevin Hart.

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When did you start working with Kevin Hart? How did the job come about?

I met KH and his ex-wife back in 2006 at an event. His ex-wife was the one who invited me to hang out because she wanted to learn about photography, and I was the photographer for the event that night. So, we started to hang out, and they hired me to shoot their kid’s birthday party (at a time he only had 1 daughter). Then, I started to shoot some family portraits, and headshots when he needed it. We were friends―they actually invited me for thanksgiving, and we’d hang out from time to time.

What’s your favourite part about working with Kevin Hart?

The best part about working with KH is that I’m making films with him. His journey is amazing, fun and lots of hard work. Being able to document what he does on a

day-to-day basis, and see how his hard work has gotten him to the level that he is at… His story is just priceless. Also, I’m getting paid to travel and do Hollywood films, which is my dream. When I meet people and they ask me what I do, I tell them,

“I’m a paid tourist, and a paid friend.”

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