How-To Create Time Lapse Videos

This will be the quickest and easiest tutorial you’ve ever experienced. Why? Because Persecond is the quickest and easiest app to use for the creation of time lapse videos. Time lapse, (also referred to as a time-lapse or timelapse) is a technique in cinematography where the frequency of frames (the frame rate) is much lower than the playback speed. When you replay the sequence at a normal speed, time appears to be lapsing, or rather moving at a faster speed.

5 Step Persecond Tutorial

Step 1: Shoot a series of still images using the appropriate timelapse settings. See this blog for more on the technicalities of shooting timelapses.

Step 2: Import still images into Persecond

Step 3: Adjust the timeline and speed, with the option of reversing your video for a cool effect

Step 4: Export as an .mp4, or 4k as an .mov

Step 5: DONE! Save and share.

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