Gallery Feature: Automotive Cinemagraphs

While thousands of cinemagraphs are uploaded to our site, we curate only the best for our thematic galleries. Not only does this allow new and old users to develop ideas for their own cinemagraphs, it helps to show the diversity and possibilities of cinemagraphs as a medium.

Car cinemagraphs in advertising

One of our newest galleries, Automotive, is special to our hearts. Just a few short weeks ago, Mercedes Benz released the first Canadian Instagram cinemagraph ad, highlighting the new AMG GT. Flixel was lucky to be a part of this creation, working with a talented team to bring this car to life with motion. The creative, seen below, blends the still, sleek, bright yellow AMG GT, with the fluid, looping clouds overhead. Speed, luxury, elegance; this cinemagraph captured the essence of automotive brilliance. This cinemagraph was displayed all over social media and on the Mercedes online magazine.

It was after this ad was released, that we added the Automotive gallery. Not only do we love cars, but our Flixel community loves them too. Big, small; orange, silver; fast, slow; but all of them beautiful. Check out a few of our favourites below, and make sure to visit the gallery.

Social media cinemagraph ads

Cinemagraph ads are becoming the next big thing on social media. Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now all offer auto-playing video ads. Cinemagraphs play in HD, without sound, mesmerizing and engaging audiences from around the globe. Automotive cinemagraph ads can be found all over social, featuring big brands like Volvo, seen below.

Cinemagraphs tell stories and break barriers in ways that even still photos or standard video cannot. Check out more of our galleries for ideas on your next cinemagraph!

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