Mac App Store Feature Discount

An Honour

When we launched Cinemagraph Pro for Mac last week, we were honoured Apple recognized the app by placing it first in Best New Apps. 

A Privilege

Yesterday that recognition rose to a new level. Cinemagraph Pro is featured at the top of the Mac App Store. This is a privilege reserved for only a few apps every week. We are humbled; thank you Apple.

Here at Flixel, we see Cinemagraph images as a new medium. It is a new dynamic way of storytelling with hybrid photography. We see a future where living photos will be everywhere: on websites, online advertisements, and big digital displays – maybe even in Times Square. In addition to making the creation tools and the distribution network for living photos, it is important to us to educate about the medium. One way to do that is to make the tool available to many. 

A Deal for the Ages… well, the week

We’ve set a high price point on the app for two reasons. First, the current market is very small and consists of professional photographers looking to differentiate themselves and who charge for their services. Second, we have learned from the low price points on the iTunes App Store that it can be difficult to run a profitable business. 

The product placement at the top of the Mac App Store is a once-in-an-app’s-lifetime event. To help introduce living photos to as many people as possible, we are slashing the price of the app by 92.5% for the duration of the feature (ends Thursday, March 13th). 

For our Early Customers 

If you purchased Cinemagraph Pro for Mac before March 14th at $199.99 (or $159.99 at WPPI), please send your proof of payment email to and we will mail you a coupon for a free license of Cinemagraph Pro. 


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