Texas School of Photography 2015

Recently, a few members from the Flixel team visited Dallas, Texas, for the infamous Texas School of Photography (TSP). This week-long event is filled with photographers eager to learn from the best and brightest in the industry. Sometimes referred to as summer camp for adults, each year attendees of TSP take hands on, educational classes during the day and let loose and party at night.

Cinemagraph Photo Booth

Last year during one of these events, Flixel set up a booth with Suzette Allen, a leading instructor of living photography. The theme? Anything-but-clothes. The wacky costumes and flashing lights made for an unforgettable evening and tons of fun cinemagraphs. Check out all of the 2014 living photos here.

Blast From the Past

This year the theme was 1970s, and the outfits did not disappoint. Roller derby costumes, floral scarves, bellbottom jeans, peace signs and afros, like a blast from the past, attendees packed into the venue all waiting to get their very own living photo. A huge hit in 2014, the crowd was eager and excited to get in front of the camera again this year. All cinemagraphs were shot with the Panasonic GH4, making it super easy to pull a crisp still frame from the recorded video. The night consisted of disco lights, retro music, dancing and lots of laughs.Crowded around our Flixel editing station, people watched in amazement as their images came to life on a 4K Panasonic display using Cinemagraph Pro for Mac. Check out the rest of the 2015 cinemagraphs here.


Needless to say, the hybrid photo booth was a success. Thanks to Suzette and the Panasonic Lumix team for all of their help during this photo booth, and thank you TSP for a wonderful week!

(Flixel Marketing Manager)

When Cassandra was six, she was asked to share a story with her class…and hasn’t stopped telling them since. Now she does so through photography, video and writing, but with the same sense of wonder - and love for glitter - as her inner kid.


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