Flixel Wins Top Prize at the International Startup Festival


We truly believe that cinemagraphs are the next great visual medium; that’s why for the past four and a half years we have continuously worked to build the tools and community that will help us realize it. At this year’s International Startup Festival, our vision and efforts were recognized when Flixel received the top prize during the four-day event.

Flixel presented alongside 194 other startup companies from around the world to a panel of 14 investor-judges. The first round consisted of 90-second elevator pitches that allowed participants to introduce their brand and product. Without the assistance of formal visual aids, Flixel CEO Phillipe LeBlanc made his way to a group of fourteen finalists that were given a second opportunity to present.


Given three minutes to build upon the initial pitch, Phil directed the conversation towards the use and growing benefit of cinemagraphs in Facebook advertising and Flixel Cinemagraph Pro as an ad tool that can help achieve the results businesses are looking for: higher clicks, lower costs, and stronger brand differentiation. It seems that the prospect of that combination appealed to the judges the most out of the finalists, placing Flixel as the first-place winner.


Phil LeBlanc, Flixel CEO and Co-Founder

“Presenting our product at the International Startup Festival was an incredible experience,” said Phil. “We are humbled that the panel of judges identified Flixel’s place in the future of digital advertising. We look forward to continuing to build out the tools that will change how businesses and marketers drive success in their online campaigns.”

We would like to congratulate HelloMD and YouCollab for their wins and share a special thank you to the International Startup Festival and panel judges for hosting us this year.

(Flixel Marketing Manager)

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