Flixel Creates First Ever Cinemagraph TV Ads

Flixel Teams With truTV and Pizza Hut for World’s First Ever Cinemagraph TV Commercials

Most of us tune out TV commercials. Usually, it’s not because the content is drab (even though some of it is), but because we don’t want to be harassed by ads when we’re watching our favourite show. How did Flixel help advertisers cut through the noise and create captivating content that feels less like a traditional ad?

truTV takes viewers on a fun ride that surprises and entertains. Currently seen in 90 million U.S. households, truTV features popular original series like Impractical Jokers,The Carbonaro Effect, and Billy on the Street. Being the fun and quirky network that truTV is, the ads displayed on their network should integrate seemlessly into this style. Watch a clip from Billy on the Street below to see what we mean.

First Ever Cinemagraph TV Ad

Through a Wall Street Journal article, truTV was introduced to Flixel and the cinemagraph medium. truTV instantly loved the look and innovation of the cinemagraph and it got them thinking how they could use this format for truTV’s sponsored integration —incorporate the still environment of a truTV show and a sponsor brand with a subtle hint of movement that cinemagraphs provide. 

“truTV reached out to Flixel and asked us to create an alternate to standard video commercial. Something that captures the viewers attention in fresh and fun ways,” said Mark Homza, Chief Creative Officer at Flixel Studios in New York.

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With the help of directer and photographer, Michael Grecco, Flixel Studios created a custom cinemagraph TV commercial for truTV. From ideation to creation, Flixel Studios took the lead on creating the world’s very first cinemagraph TV ad. Used a part of an in-show integration, the ad plays for 10 seconds in the show, before transitioning to a full Pizza Hut commercial. The ad pays tribute to Billy on The Street, one of the networks most popular shows and started to run on December 3rd.

Working directly with the truTV creative department, Flixel Studios brought a fun and quirkiness to the cinemagraph, that blends perfectly with the truTV theme. The ad was created using a combination of Flixel apps including Persecond for Mac, Cinemagraph Pro for Mac, and tradtional animation software. Watch the behind-the-scenes shoot below.


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