Adjustments & Effects in Cinemagraph Pro for Mac

Quick Tutorial

Make your living photos stand out by using the adjustments and effects in Cinemagraph Pro. Simple changes to elements such as contrast, saturation or EV can make really drastic improvements to the appearance and style of your cinemagraph.

Temperature & Tint

a) Temperature: different light sources create different coloured light. It is the perceived warmth or coolness of a colour. These different colours can be expressed using a number, known as the colour temperature.

b) Tint: created when you add white to any hue (colour).

Exposure Adjust

a) EV: this adjustment allows you to underexpose (darken) or overexpose (brighten) your cinemagraph. When shooting footage you can set your exposure value on the camera. This changes the shutter and aperture settings, letting either more or less light in.

Colour Control

a) Brightness: raises or lowers the entire curve with respect to light output and measure of intensity. More brightness means more light output and intensity.

b) Contrast: the amount of color or grayscale differentiation that exists. Higher contrast generally shows a greater degree of colour or grayscale variation than lower contrast.

c) Saturation: the intensity or purity of a hue. 100% saturation means that there is no addition of grey to the hue, whereas 0% means the saturation appears as a medium grey. More saturation means more vivid/brighter colours, versus more dull/desaturated colours.


a) Radius: controls the size of the reduction of an image’s brightness or saturation at the periphery of the cinemagraph.

b) Intensity: controls how intense the radius is.

TIP: Start with subtle changes and increase for a more dramatic look. You can type in the +/- amount for more accurate or fined tuned alterations.

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