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Flixel at Adobe MAX

3 days in sunny Los Angeles, and over 6,000 creatives from across the globe.  This year at Adobe MAX there were tons of …


Flixel Wizard: Jason Teale

A few weeks ago we wrote up a blog on our very first Wizard, the NYC native, Lindsay Adler. This time we're venturing to…

Cinemagraphs are being used for causes

Cinemagraphs for a Cause

“Artivism- where edges are pushed, imagination is freed, and a new language emerges altogether.” -Eve Ensler. Art…


Social Media Video Revolution

Social media is continuously evolving. Most social networks began with text, shifted to photography, and now support HD …

Bring beer to life with Cinemagraph Pro

Cinemagraphs are Here to Stay

Fads vs. Media Everyday, cinemagraphs evolve. As more people create and experiment with the medium, the more it becomes…