Marilyn Monroe lights up the NYC Skies 60 years later in Flixel Living Photo

Flixel Photos is celebrating the 60th anniversary of the day Marilyn Monroe shot one of the most iconic moments in film history. The scene in the film The Seven Year Itch, where Monroe’s white dress is blown by a wind gust from a New York City subway, has become almost as famous as the actress herself.

In 1954, spectators and photographers lined up by the thousands to watch Monroe film the memorable scene. Yesterday, millions of New Yorkers witnessed Marilyn light up the city sky as a Living Photo of the starlet and her billowing white dress was projected on the sides of various landmark buildings in Times Square, Union Square, Columbus Circle, and around Grand Central Station.

“We are excited to celebrate the 60th Anniversary of the iconic ‘white dress’ scene, now reinvented through Flixel’s Living Photo,” said Nick Woodhouse, President and Chief Marketing Officer, Authentic Brands Group, owner of The Estate of Marilyn Monroe.” Partnering with both Sexy Hair and Flixel has once again put Marilyn at the forefront of technology, while giving her the chance to reach her global fan base through a diverse variety of products and platforms.”

“ABG and Sexy Hair have discovered the incredible engagement opportunity that Living Photos deliver for innovative brands and their creative partners,” said Flixel’s co-founder and CEO Phil LeBlanc. “Flixel is thrilled to have had the opportunity to bring one of the world’s most famous photos to life.”

“Last evening’s projection was a fascinating and iconic way to utilize this new medium. It’s a great example of how Flixel Cinemagraphs can be repurposed for outdoor marketing,” added Mark Homza, Flixel’s co-founder and CCO.

“Marilyn’s gorgeous blonde bombshell looks and sex appeal transformed her from Norma Jean into a beauty icon,” said Jennifer Weiderman, VP of Marketing and Education at Sexy Hair. “The iconic, playful and sexy image of Marilyn in the white halter dress in the movie The Seven Year Itch is an incredible image in film history. Sexy Hair is honored to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this cinematic moment as well as the barriers that Marilyn broke through during her career.”

The famous “white dress” photo, originally taken by renowned photographer and close friend of Monroe, Sam Shaw, was transformed into a “Living Photo” by tech-startup Flixel Photos in collaboration with photographer Massimo Campana and post-production specialists ADC Digital.

“It is a great honour to be able to work with such an iconic image and a legendary iconic figure in american pop culture,” said Campana. “It was a beautiful challenge to bring Marilyn to life in the digital era! To show Marilyn in all of her glory and to re-imagine this iconic photo as a ‘living photo’.

Flixel also worked with model extraordinaire, Alysha Nett who acted as a “body double” for the Seven Year Itch Flixel shot. “This was the closest I’ll ever get to working with her and I’m proud of the fact that I was able to help. Living photos are a great way to bring a product to life. They are eye catching and visually stimulating. I think companies will take notice and embrace this new technology.”

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  1. absolutely wonderful work . thanks so much for bringing '' marilyn '' to life again . the future of '' flixel '' is assured ,with so many applications possible . especially in the world of advertising & entertainment . all the best ......greg browne ....australia

  2. Norma Jean had the makings of someone, something great and when the transformation happened and Marilyn Monroe was born, well men dropped everything to KNOW more, see MORE and to love the image, the woman~ W. Bill Springer (Baby-Boom Generation)

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